The 10 most popular Super Hero names for boys

Do you have immense love for superheroes and want to make your baby more like a superman? Well, these superhero names for boys take their greatest inspiration from the large and small screen superheroes.

You might be plausibly not going to name your cute baby boy Black Panther, but you might love to utilize some cool names of those superheroes used in actual lives.

However, you may think of all the superhero names belonging to appalling and dramatic characters like Flash; there are many superheroes with more traditional names, such as Luke.

Apart from these names, you might also get encouraged by the mythic worlds of city saving and crime-fighting, that type of superhero name would be a top-notch choice for your baby boy.

The Amazing Super-hero Names for Boys

CocoFinder has vast collections of popular superhero names for your baby boys, and the 10 potential names are shown below. Let’s get started!


Every parent-to-be loves the macho characteristic of “Bruce,” which has emerged from Batman’s alter ego, Bruce Wayne. It is one of the notable superhero names for boys from the last decade.

However, the superhero character Bruce Wayne has also been the top-notch moniker for other leading superhero-Esque Bruce’s from eminent actor Bruce Lee to Die Hard actor Bruce Willis to become “The Boss” himself, Bruce Springsteen.

Therefore, your baby boy might definitely have an indulgence for this cute superhero character.


“X” names are the cutest and hottest superhero names, loved by various parents nowadays. Apart from his leading superpowers, professor Xavier Charles, a leading founder and owner of the X-Men, was unable to predict how crucial these “X” names would become one day!

Moreover, this famous namesake means “bright,” which also becomes no exception of popularity. Therefore, if you are rummaging around a popular superhero name, “Xavier” will be a significant choice!


The famous list of superhero names for boys would remain incomplete without mentioning the real superhero of Steel, Superman, aka Clark Kent. It could be a vintage name, but the name nowadays got significantly accredited by many parents.

As far as the naming history is concerned, it is more like an occupational name for a non-prevalent secretary, who is not really as glamorous as its leading comic book counterpart.

However, although it has made an enormous comeback in today’s era, your baby boy will love to be summoned by this name. He will feel more like a superhero!


You must have heard of Jay Garrick, who was a normal college-going boy! One day, he transformed into a lightning-fast superhero after inhaling some mystifying vapors. Therefore, this name becomes highly popular in America.

While the name Jay is quite an okay name if we focus more on this surname, “Garrick,” which means “a powerful warrior.” Nevertheless, “Garrick” possesses an explicit and incredible sound that traditional parents will love to call their sons after this superhero name.


If you are a die-hard fan of “Hank”, you must know it is a favorite perennial name in the superhero world. The superhero “Ant-Man” is Henry Hank Pym, who is one of the significant members of the Avengers. Are you a blind supporter of the Avengers?

If yes, you must not forget the oh-so-blue Beast from the X-man, who was previously known as Dr. Henry Hank McCoy in his transmutation days. Therefore, naming your baby boy as “Hank” will demonstrate his robust trait, and he will also love such a mighty name.


Are you up on your superhero fantasy? You should know that the powerful and original Green Arrow was named Oliver Queen. Most importantly, such a vital superhero name for boys derived from “olive tree.”

Therefore, it is absolutely boyish, cute, and elegant – an original trifecta of a top-notch name. Naming your baby boy after “Oliver” will give him a natural feeling of a superhero.


Here the prominent superhero name “Parker” means the “protector of the park,” which is one of the most fantastic superhero names for boys. You must remember the origin of this superhero name!

Yes, it has derived and become popular from the renowned Spiderman series, where Peter is his fictional name followed by this surname “Parker.” So, naming your baby boy after “Parker” will pack more of a punch.


If you are a Fantastic Four enthusiast, you must have gone through one of the founding members of this play, Mister Fantastic, aka Reed Richards. This name “Reed” has some decisive superhero cred.

Being the best-in-class boy name, Reed holds a definite charm flair that most of the parents who are looking for a unique name will undoubtedly love!


You must be bickering over the names, which one you should give your bundle of joy! Well, arguably, the name “Remy” is the most elegant of the famed X-men. Moreover, Remy’s real name is Gambit, which has also gained popularity.

However, it sounds exceptionally modern and charming. Because of these leading reasons, parents nowadays seem to be flocking to it more! Yeah, call him Remy, and see how joyously he answers!


James Rhodes’ is a popular superhero with top-notch metallic armor, quite analogous to Iron Man. He is also a close friend of Tony Stark, who is also well-known for his patriotism, heroism, and being a major sidekick of Iron man.

That’s why everyone attributes this young man to his bravery! However, James still holds a significant elegance that parents love to cherish.

Concluding words

These are the top 10 most popular SuperHero names for boys, loved by both traditional and classy parents. Selected by experts, these names are the most preferred these days. Out of these top 10 lists, one name will surely melt your heart, and you can’t restrain yourself from giving it to your wonderful baby.

Most importantly, all of these names are mesmerized collections for your baby boy. So, are you looking for more superhero baby names and inspiration? Check out an extraordinary assortment of popular baby boy names at CocoFinder today!