10 Simple Ways To Land A Part Time Jobs In Kolkata

Kolkata is the capital of India’s West Bengal province. It serves as the largest financial center as well as the primary industry and trade center of Eastern India; also, it is the major port of communication for North-East India, with the third-largest urban population. As a result, part time jobs in Kolkata are growing. Many employers are now also preferring employees to work from home due to the latest pandemic.

Working from home allows for more versatility in terms of working hours and increases efficiency, as no time is spent commuting. People can enjoy flexible timings resulting in more productivity and a healthy work-life balance. Seeking work from home jobs in Kolkata has also become easier now since everyone has access to the internet.

Simply find your field of interest, and the internet will open up a world of possibilities for you. All of this is only a few clicks away whether you want to improve your current expertise or try to turn your passion into a profession. Let us discuss some of the ways in which one can land a part time job in Kolkata.

10 Simple Ways To Land A Part TimCe Job In Kolkata

Enhance Your Skill

First and foremost, find your passion or any field that you find interesting, and upgrade your knowledge regarding that, to the current market demand.

Make A Portfolio

Make a good resume highlighting your knowledge, your experience, projects, etc. so that the employer gets a clear picture of what service you can offer them

Apply On Job Portals

Submit your resumes on all the major job portals and actively apply regularly to the jobs.

Follow Up On Applications

After applying, it is equally important to follow up with the respective employers, as with so much crowd in the job market sometimes it could be that the employer might skip your application; hence it becomes essential to send a reminder once.

Build A Presence On Social Media Channels

Showcase your workout for the world to see. With the world sitting on the internet, it becomes essential to have your work portfolio across social media channels. This can also help to attract respective employers or clients

Start Freelancing

If you have a skill, you can offer your services to individual clients as and when you have time and on your own terms. In a city like Kolkata, you will be able to find several businesses that need your services. Also, with the internet, you can even search for faraway clients.

Take The Help Of A Professional Network

Be in touch with your professional network as they can refer you to their organizations in case there is any opening relevant to your skill.

Start Blogging

There are several ways in which you can make money through blogging also. Select any niche of your choice and start writing. Many people pursue it as their full-time career too.

Online Tutoring

Cuemath, for example, is a website that connects prospective teaching aspirants with part-time teaching opportunities. People who have taken a career break for whatever reason can still apply on Cuemath. It helps you to work from home while earning attractive pay. Cuemath is the way to go for those looking to supplement their salary while living at home with their families. They also provide standardized course material as well as adequate instruction for the candidates to become familiar with the online education environment.

Background check

Do a reference check of the employer for which you are planning to work. Also, be aware of such firms who ask for money in return for a job as such companies are a scam.