BSNL TO JIO PORT: The telecom regulatory authority of India has given guidelines to change the operator without changing the number. You can easily change the operator by sending the message to the operator and receive the message which will take expiry in 30 days. Bharat Sachar Nigam limited-BSNL is an Indian country-owned telecommunication company giving services of voice and internet services through national telecommunications network across India.

JIO is the leading telecom operator in the country, providing the internet and calls through the network across India. JIO is India one of the top telecom operators provide the entertainment, media, news, security, and storage from the carrier.

We have our right to choose the carrier and change the carrier at any time. We change the carrier by standing the TRAI rules of India. We can have our phone number and choose the carrier which is available in the country. Here are the simple steps to change BSNL TO JIO PORT in the telecom operator in the country.



  • Local Government Proof like Aadhar card, Voter card
  • Photograph passport size
  • Porting code

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  • Simple to port.
  • No need for physical documentation.
  • Transfer into any network.
  • No need change to your phone number.

Get The Upc Code From The Network 

Whenever you want to port from one network to another network, you need to unique porting code from the network. This is the UPC is the request code from the network about leaving and joining in the other network. Here are the simple steps to get UNIQUE PORTING CODE(UPS) from the network.

  1. To get UPC code from the BSNL, you need to send the message and receive the code from the network.
  2. Type the Message “PORT 9****1**** “and send the message to 1909. You need to type the message and 10-digit phone number in the system.
  3. In time, you will receive the message with code from the BSNL network.
  4. You can see the code and expiry date and validity from the carrier. You need to use the code before its expiry and change the network.

Change To Jio From The BSNL With Upc Code 

Right now, we have the UPC in the message box on the mobile phone. It would help if you visited the nearest store of JIO or Office network. You need to fill the form and submit the details in the office to change the network and get the new sim from the network.

  1. Visit the nearest JIO store, which you want to change in which you want to port network.
  2. Offline process: they will fill the form for you and submit the form. Network change takes some time, like 3-5 days. You need to submit the photos and documents in the process.
  3. Online process: For the online process, you can submit everything on online and mandatory documents like Aadhar card, photograph, and UPC code from the network. You need to give through the online verification process.
  4. You have to pay some amount and get the new sim card. It takes some time, like 3-5 days, to the new network. You can see the signal in the network from the same phone number and new carrier network when you insert the new sim card in the phone.

You can simply change the carrier for any telecom operator in the country and get the service from the operator through UPC code in the country. Here is the complete information about the port about the carrier in the country and kindly share the article with your friends and social media.