3 Reasons Why the Shape of Your Bong Matters

Most smokers know that the best feeling in the world is to take a pleasant and relaxing hit from a clean bong. Over the years, bongs have risen to the top to become one of the most popular methods to smoke. However, have you thought about why not all pipes give you the same hit?

The truth is there is a wide range of factors that influence the way you smoke—one of the most common variables in the shape of the bong. While most people think that a bong shape only has ornamental value, the truth is far from it.

Bong shapes define how a hit feels and much more. It is essential to know about the different forms available, so it’s easier to pick a product that fits your expectations.

How Does the Shape Affect a Bong?

Every bong design has a unique purpose. Today people experiment with shapes, styles, and aesthetics to appeal to their audience. However, an experienced smoker will know which bong is the right choice for them.


The length of the bong determines how much the smoke will have to travel before you inhale it. The longer the pathway for the smoke, the cooler the smoke will be. Shorter pipes give you a quick hit, and the smoke is considerably hotter.

Depending on your preferences, you can either opt for a long-necked bong or a shorter one.

Filtration System

Bong filtration systems are healthier than the other smoking alternatives. This is because bongs use a water filtration system that makes the smoke cooler and smoother to inhale. Many bong designs come with simple water filtration. However, if you opt for more expensive designs, you will find multiple filtration levels within the bong.

Amount of Smoke

The shape of the bong also determines the amount of smoke it will generate. If your bong is too big, it might take you a lot of effort to create any smoke at all. Additionally, many pipes require a two-person effort to generate smoke fully.

How to Choose the Right Shape

It is easy to pick a bong if your requirements are the bare minimum. However, if you want to elevate your smoking experience, you need to find the perfect design for you.


Larger pipes are colder and generally challenging to generate smoke in. You can opt for a smaller bong if you are looking for quicker and hotter hits. A small bong is also perfect for when you want to savour the taste of the weed.


No one wants to inhale the smoke that makes them cough their lungs out. If you are looking for a bong that provides you with smooth hits, you must invest in a percolator bong. This design has slits and percolators that diffuse the smoke before you inhale it, making it smoother.


Bongs can become a pain for clumsy people. You don’t want your bong to slip and break. You can avoid this from happening by buying pipes that are strong and durable. For instance, a beaker bong is more robust than a round bottom bong.

Key Takeaways

Bongs are here to stay, and it is about time you started taking your preferences seriously. While all pipes technically perform the same job, every model is different from the other. You can always try them all and settle for the one you like the most ultimately