How to Create a Profitable Social Media Brand

Social media is a great asset that people can use instead of spending money on marketing to get their name out there into the public eye. Whether it is a sports company or anything under the sun, you cannot overstate the value that social media can play in getting people to see whatever it is that you are promoting. It can be about a specific sport and creating a way to get your thoughts out in real-time or anything as you are trying to create a little network of your own, but let’s dive into some key things you need to do to create a profitable social media brand.

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Find Your Market

The first thing in business is to identify the market, and that is what you need to do on social media as well. Figure out exactly what you want to do. Do you want to live tweet events as they are happening, or do you want to discuss broader topics with a little bit of thought behind them as more information comes out?

Don’t be afraid of going niche and only discussing one topic (professional wrestling, movies, food, etc), as there are a lot of people in each subsection that want to hear what you say.

Use Hashtags and Tags Effectively

When looking at Twitter, there’s a reason why accounts use the hashtag on the subject they are talking about. It’s all about the algorithm, so your posts continue to be seen. It’s Twitter’s version of SEO, and that will make sure that you are getting seen.

It’s not exclusive to Twitter as Instagram also uses a hashtag system to see things discussing the topic. It really helps get you to a larger audience than people who are following you.

On social media platforms that incorporate videos to their platform, make sure to utilize the tags effectively. Social media sites like YouTube and Tik Tok utilize those in their websites to generate content. The tags you use will push your content to people interested in those same topics. It also helps push it up on the search engines above other videos so that is critical as people are not going to want to scroll to find your video.

Be Consistent to Your Posts & Don’t be Afraid to Answer Comments

Those two things should be extremely obvious, but you would be surprised by how many accounts do not utilize this to their advantage. Communication is key with your followers as they may have questions for you. It also allows you to cultivate a little community.

Being consistent is critical for the algorithms of social media sites and everything, as people are going to forget about your profile if you are not posting newer content. Plan out a schedule if you can but make sure you’re doing original content to continue building your following and getting new people to associate your accounts with positive things.

You can even schedule out posts in advance on the social media sites themselves, so it will be a great stretch of getting ahead of things (if you can depending on what you are trying to do), and that will help you in the long run in case things happen to pop up.


When you have a plan and stick to it, social media can be easy to navigate and get your product out there. You do not need to pay for ads and instead monetize your ads to the point you can make money and use it as a new stream of revenue. Be consistent and create new content, and you are going to be ahead of the game!