Smart Technics to Avoid Data Entry Errors in Excel 

With technology being better than it has ever been, you would think that the rate of Data Entry errors would be substantially low. Well, if recent reports are to be believed then the above statement is anything but a fever dream that could hardly be true.

In fact, it is estimated that firms suffer losses in the upwards of $ 5 Billion dollars each year due to data entry errors. So why is it that despite our technology being as advanced as it is today that data entry errors seem to exist?

It may be due to the fact that the technology might be impeccable, but the human operating it is not. We as humans are prone to mistakes, Yes! even the best of us. Given the nature of data entry tasks, it is quite reasonable to learn of how complex and overwhelming the management of data can be for us mere plebeians.

So in order to aid you in the practice of accurate data entry, we would like to share with you 5 tips that are guaranteed to make your Data Entry clean and precise in Excel.

So without much further ado, let’s get started.

1. Validate Your Input

Excel gives you this amazing option of eliminating inappropriate data. You simply specify what condition a value must meet, and if it doesn’t meet those requirements then excel rejects them. To use the feature, click the data tab, followed by the Data validation dropdown.

2. Use Autocomplete

This is a great feature that matches previous entries to the current input. If an input matches the existing value, it will automatically attempt to correct the entry accurately. You will see the entry appearing as you type. Press enter if the autocomplete suggested entry is accurate, or else continue typing.

3. On the fly list

Although autocomplete is useful, it requires you to type in your desired entry. On the fly list, on the other hand, offers you the opportunity to avoid data entry completely. It does so with the combination of data validation and autocompletes. When you enter data in a single column range, press Alt+down arrow, this will result in excel displaying a pick list of unique values. Choose the value you want and continue. This greatly reduces any chances of errors.

4. Using a Dynamic List

Another way to reduce your chances of errors, you can convert the list item range into a table. You can do so by selecting the single-column range, click the Insert tab, and click Table in the Tables group. Any validation input on the basis of the data input range will now be automatically updated.

5. Outsource Data Entry Sources

Probably the most convenient option available to you is outsourcing your excel data entry services to an offshore third party services provider. By outsourcing, you not only save time but also save money while ensuring you get expert data entry services. It is estimated that outsourcing can save companies over 30-50% in operating costs.

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