Simple Ways to Make Your Own Camping Tent

There are tons of super cool ready-made ones readily available at camping equipment stores and other places when it comes to camping tents. But is it possible to make your camping tent just like the ones people often buy? The answer is yes, you can make your camping tent just the wish, and below are some simple ways to get that done.

Simple Ways to Make Your Own Camping Tent

Get your materials/equipment set

To make a simple yet functional camping tent that is almost as standard as the ready-made ones in stores all by yourself, you’ll need a couple of materials that will serve as the base, support, and body of your tent. Some of these materials include

  • For the base – A waterproof ground tarp or tarpaulin
  • For the support – Strong and durable ropes/cords or get stakes or pegs to hold the body and the base down.
  • For the body – A lightweight waterproof tarp
  • Thick drop cloth for the base to place on the tarp for extra padding.
  • A long hiking pole to use as the center post

For the quality and longevity of your make-shift homemade tent, get quality materials that will last you many nights and that will stand firm against any weather condition. You can check out for reviews on some materials and equipment.

Scout for the right spot

To set up your tent, you need a plain-level area, flat enough for the base to stay leveled and for the pegs and pole to stay firm on the ground. You can also find a place with trees surrounding the area if you need to tie the tent to it. Also, look out for a spacious area to accommodate your camping tent and with enough space left for other camping activities like a campfire setting and firewood stock pilling.

Set up your base

Once you’ve found a suitable spot for your tent, it’s time to get started with your tent. Place the tarp on the ground with small holes at the four corners for the pegs and a central hole for the center post. Don’t forget to use ropes to hold the pegs and posts together securely.

Keep in mind that the base is the essential structure that holds the entire camping tent together, so setting it up firmly will ensure that your tent will last longer.

Secure your base

To secure the base, drill the pegs at the four corners of the properly laid tarp to securely hold it down to the floor. Do the same with the hiking pole by drilling it at the center of the tarp to serve as the center pole and secure all pegs and poles together with a rope.

Set the body up

With the base and support in place, you can now drape the entire structure with the lightweight waterproof tarp to form the tent’s body. Make sure the tarp covers all angles of the base tarp and reaches the floor. Go ahead to secure the tarp edges to the pegs with ropes and by placing heavy rocks to keep the body from flying off during windy days.

Homemade Camping bed

You can also grace your DIY camping tent with homemade beds for extra comfort. Keep in mind that the kind of bed you will make should be fitting for you. For instance, if you have a bad back, make sure you look into the best camping mattress for bad back and fix something along that line to make your camping experience memorable.

Simple Ways to Make Your Own Camping Tent


Making your camping tent that is as strong, functional, and durable as the ready-made ones is possible. All you have to do is get the right material and equipment, take the right steps, and fix up your tent just the way you like it. Then boom, your simple-made camping tent is ready for the camping fun.

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