The Telltale Signs You Need a Divorce

Did you know that roughly 40 to 50 percent of American marriages end in divorce?

This statistic is more positive than it was in the past couple of decades. Still, divorces are a necessity for some couples, painful and challenging though they are.

Has the idea of divorce crossed your mind?

It might not be just a fleeting thought born of anger. Any ongoing conflict in your marriage deserves to be addressed. Let’s explore the tell-tale signs you need a divorce in Maine.

Your Relationship Is Toxic

No one wants to face the idea that their blissful marriage turned into a union that’s breaking them down. Yet, some couples are so destructive that both partners risk becoming depressed or otherwise unhealthy.

Sometimes, two good people can bring out the worst in each other. Toxic behaviors in a relationship include:

  • Bringing each other down during arguments
  • Arguments that are cyclical; never end and they’re always about the same thing
  • One or both partners are driven to frequent anger
  • One or both partners become self-destructive

A toxic marriage isn’t worth saving. You and your spouse both deserve more than an unhappy relationship and healthier as individuals. Also, you never know; after your divorce, once you learn how to live without each other, you can work on building a meaningful friendship.

You Have Different Life Goals

Have you and your spouse grown apart?

If it seems like the longer you live with them, the more you disagree on everything, perhaps it’s time to start filing for a divorce.

It’s fine to argue about what color to paint your bathroom. But if you can’t agree on whether you want children or you can’t respect each other’s career choices, it might be time to acknowledge that your marriage is over. Research divorce VS legal separation and figure out which is best for your situation.

You Can’t Forgive an Indiscretion

Though some marriages withstand the test of an affair, yours might not be one of them. Up to 40 percent of marriages in the US end in divorce due to infidelity.

If you or your partner can get past the cheating, you may be able to fix your marriage with the help of counseling and open communication. However, if either of you cannot forgive the other and there’s a lack of trust, a divorce may be in your future.

The Worst of the Signs You Need a Divorce

  • Does your partner control your every move?
  • Does he or she assault you in any way?
  • Do you feel isolated?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are in an abusive marriage. Abuse is a valid reason to get a divorce.

There are various types of marital abuse, ranging from verbal aggression and controlling behavior to physical aggression resulting in domestic violence. If you feel unsafe at home, find local support and leave now. You can dissolve your marriage legally once you are in a safe environment.

Ending a Marriage

It’s never easy to separate from someone you agreed to spend the rest of your life with. That said, divorce is not a dirty deed, and you are not a failure if you have to leave your marriage for the sake of your sanity, your happiness, or your safety.

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