Know Your PDF: PDFBear’s Best Tools That You Can Use Without Paying A Dime

Did you try PDFBear? If not, then this is the right time to try PDFBear. Just a piece of small information, PDFBear is a site wherein it offers a wide range of PDF tools that you can use for free. If you want to see some of these PDF tools, here are some of them.

Word To PDF

With PDFBear, you can use many PDF tools such as merging, deleting, splitting, converting pdf to Microsoft files, compressing, adding a password, and more. PDFBear is a perfect all-rounder tool, and one of its most useful tools right now is the Word to PDF, which you can convert Word to PDF free from any charges.

With his tool, you can easily convert any Word file that you have right now to PDF with just a button press. But first, you need to know how to use this tool. It’s effortless, and even a first-timer can do it. You need to access PDFBear’s web page and select Word to PDF; from there, you’ll follow all the steps that you need to follow, and you’re good.

PDF to Word

If there’s a need to convert your PDF back to Word, PDFBear has the perfect tool for you. You can use PDF to Word in order to restore all of your files to Word for you to edit it or do some revisions. The process is still the same with the Word to PDF, so you can easily do the conversion without problems.

Merge PDF

PDFBear has the best merging tool wherein you can merge all your PDF into one singular file. Merge PDF will help you organize your files so that it will be easier for you to find them or sort them out if needed. Another cool thing about the Merge PDF is its uncomplicated functions, such as uploading a file which you can do by selecting the “Select Files” button.

Also, PDFBear’s Merge PDF is one of the fastest PDF mergers that you can find on the internet right now. After merging some pdf files, Merge PDF will remove every detail of the information that you uploaded to the system. Doing this lowers the chance of you experiencing cyber theft or information theft, rampant in these types of sites.

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Compress PDF

Just to make things clear, Compress PDF differs from Merge PDF. In Compress PDF, it can reduce your PDF to the most optimum size so you’ll be able to transfer or share your PDF with other people such as your schoolmates or co-workers. You need to compress your PDF because some platforms, such as emails, have size limits.

Compress PDF is very easy to access; just like other tools that you can use from PDFBear, you can access it by going to the main site of PDFBear, and selecting Compress PDF. Once you’re inside Compress PDF, you can now start selecting the files or PDFs you want to compress. Compress PDF will then begin the compressing process for you.

Protect PDF

If you’re dealing with important information such as your client’s financial accounts, bank statements, and other information that you don’t want other people to know, Protect PDF is the best tool you can use from PDFBear. With Protect PDF, you’ll be able to add extra protection to your PDF by adding it as a password.

To use Protect PDF, you just have to upload the particular file you want to protect or add a password. Protect PDF will scan your file or PDF, and if everything is perfect, Protect PDF will make you type your password. Ensure that you’re the only person who knows the password you’re adding to ensure that no one else will try to open your file.

Unlock PDF

If in case you don’t need to have a password on your PDF, there’s a specific tool wherein you can remove or delete the password you added to your file. By using Unlock PDF, you’ll be able to remove any code or password that you added to your files as long as you can still remember every single one of them, or else, removing the password is impossible.


PDFBear made everything possible for you. If you need your PDF tools such as adding and unlocking passwords, converting Word to PDF or vice versa, compressing, and merging, PDFBear offers these features for free.