3 Tips On How To Organize Your PDF Using PDF Bear

Organizing your PDF files doesn’t mean segregating them into separate folders alone. The best way to do this is to dissect and edit your PDF files. Now you may be wondering, ‘how will that work? Are PDF files not editable?’ Well, thanks to some tools, organizing PDF files can be a breeze. 

PDFBear is a cloud-based tool that can help you organize your files in seconds. Whether you are working on some office tasks or organizing some files for your business, you can use PDFBear to your advantage. Know how to merge, split, and delete pages with PDFBear. Here’s how you can use these tools: 

How To Combine PDF Files

PDFBear provides easy merge PDF solutions. PDFBear’s combiner is accurate and uses zero capacity on your computer whenever you use this feature. You got some Word, PDF, or JPG files that you’d rather have in one PDF file? The merge tool can solve that problem for you. Here are the steps to combine your PDF files: 

  1. Choose the Merge PDF tool and wait for the PDFBear to load. 
  2. Upload the files that you want to combine. You can choose more than two files. Upload time should take a few seconds, depending on your internet speed. 
  3. You can rearrange the file by dragging them into position. When you are satisfied with the arrangement of each file, you can click Merge PDF. 
  4. PDFBear’s combiner will work on your files. You should be able to download the new file after a few seconds. You can also compress the PDF file before downloading it to reduce the file size. 

Split Your PDF Files

What if you need the opposite tool? Got a PDF presentation that you need to shorten in a few seconds? The Split PDF tool can help! PDFBear understands that splitting a PDF file is complicated. I mean, do you even remember how you did it before? PDFBear made it easy for you to accomplish such a tedious task. Here are the four easy steps on how to do it. 

  1. Look for the Split PDF tool, then click it. 
  2. Upload the file that you want to split. Choose if you want to extract a specific page from the file, or you can choose the range of where you want the split to start. Click Extract after picking. 
  3. The next thing to do is wait for PDFBear’s software to do its job. 
  4. You can download the file or share it with other people. 

Delete Pages

What if you have some pages in your PDF file that are not necessary? These pages make it harder to skim through the file and make the PDF file even bulkier. The best thing to do is to get rid of them without erasing the whole PDF file. Here’s how you can use the Delete Pages tool. 

  1. Click on the Delete Pages tool. 
  2. Upload the file that you want to edit. 
  3. Once the file is on the server, PDFBear will lay down all the pages for you. Click on the page that you want to delete and click on the trash bin button. Once done, click Apply Changes. 
  4. Download the new file or upload it to your drive.


Why PDFBear?

You may be wondering what makes PDFBear different from the other online tools. For starters, PDFBear keeps the integrity of your file. PDFBear will not save a copy of your file on its website and will even erase your tracks after every conversion. Whenever you use the website, it is sure that you are safe because the website is 256-Bit SSL-encrypted. 

Aside from organizing your PDF files, you get to enjoy other features for free. For example, you can convert your files from one format to another, optimize, view, edit, and secure your PDF. You can enjoy these tools using any browsers or devices. There’s no need to download apps that may cause some lags and slowdowns to your device. 

PDFBear Keeps It Simple For You

There you have it! The fact that this cloud-based software is free and convenient to use sounds too good to be true. Organizing files shouldn’t be expensive and monotonous. PDFBear makes editing files simple. When you’re in doubt, you can try it for yourself!