The Ultimate Guide To Photo Frames

Guide To Photo Frames

Photographs are perhaps the best way to spruce up dull walls. After all, who doesn’t enjoy cute pictures hanging around the house?

If you want to get new photo frames for your house, you need to understand the different types of structures.

There are various kinds of frames available today. You can figure out which type works best for your settings and buy picture frames online.

Here’s a quick guide to show the different kinds of frames, along with how and where they should be used.

  • Modern Frames

Modern frames have sleek designs with a minimalistic look. Such frames keep the focus on the photo rather than the frame.

They are best suited for urban-industrial spaces. However, people often use modern frames to add a dash of sophistication in minimalist decor spaces.

If you place a couple of modern metal frames next to each other, they will create a fantastic look on the wall.

  • Tabletop Frames

Tabletop frames are a rather crucial part of interior designing. They lend a great look to the space and are perfect for displaying your cherished memories.

The simple ways to glam up your home decor are wooden tabletop frames. They are a timeless decor item and quite functional too.

You should place these frames in dull areas and need a little personality. Besides tables, they can also be used on shelves and mantles.

  • Floating Frames

These frames use clear acrylic or glass instead of the regular base and frame to make the picture seem like it is floating on the wall.

Floating frames are quick to draw attention and leave a lasting impression. They are often used to display the most important pictures.

You don’t need to pair these frames with any other showpieces. They are excellent standalone pieces.

  • Canvas Prints

Canvas prints offer uniqueness to the dimension of a traditional frame by stretching the canvas on an internal frame, making the image pop out of the wall.

The photos are printed on a high-quality cotton blend, and the slight distance between the deep frame and the canvas gives a beautiful effect.

If you use canvas prints with other frames, ensure to place these in the middle.

  • Deep-Set Frames

These frames use thicker mats and deep frames to focus the attention inwards to the photograph. This design creates a subtle shadow, adding dimension to an otherwise simple structure.

People often use deep-set frames to display landscapes or travel photos. You can try placing these alongside mantles or shelves for a beautiful look.

  • Gallery Frames

Such frames use a mat to portray an elevated frame-in-frame effect. As the name suggests, gallery frames are often used in large-scale photography installations, such as in museums.

These frames are a perfect example of modern design with a traditional look. You can place multiple gallery frames together to create an impactful look.

Summing Up

Once you understand the different frames, you can determine the best option for your interiors and buy picture frames online!

The proper selection of frames can brighten up your house. It is an excellent option for making some changes around the house but doesn’t want to spend much.

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