How To Plan a COVID Safe Game Day

COVID Safe Game Day: Watching the big game is a time-honored tradition for many people. It involves gathering with friends and family to share food, fun and a love of sports. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has thrown a wrench in the works for many people. Fortunately, with a quick search for “chicken wings near me,” and a little creativity, you can enjoy a COVID-safe game day party.

How To Plan a COVID Safe Game Day

Options for Staying Safe

There are a few ways to have a COVID-safe party. The general principle is to socially distance, especially if you will be eating and drinking (which is kind of a given at a party). If the weather permits, you could gather outside in a spaced-out area. This is ideal if the game is late in the day because you can watch outdoors much more easily.

Alternatively, you could have a virtual watch party. Simply set up the game so that everyone can watch it on a video chat and enjoy it together. You can even watch on separate TVs and just have a video call to talk and have fun together during the game. With modern video apps, it is surprisingly easy to create a setup that will work for everyone.

Get Chicken Wings for the Whole Party

Of course, the party isn’t complete just because you can watch the game. You also need refreshments. The best choice is to order wing delivery near me. Pizza and wings are the unquestionable go-to foods for any sports party. Wings are especially good because you can order separate orders for everyone, helping to keep the party safer.

Better yet, everyone can have something they love. Some people really like barbeque-flavored wings. Others want to get the spiciest buffalo wings they can find. There are even gluten-free wings available from some restaurants (many batters have gluten in them). Plus, you can often order boneless chicken poppers for people who prefer not to have to deal with the bones.

Make Sure To Try Out Papa Johns Wing Delivery Service

Consider ordering your wings from Papa John’s. This is the perfect choice for your game-day party. First, there are restaurants in many locations with consistent quality and tasty wings. So, if you are having a virtual party, everyone can get an order of wings from their local Papa John’s.

Second, there is a huge number of options for wings. There are multiple sauces including gluten-free roasted wings. Plus, you can get poppers instead of wings if you prefer. Alternatively, order a pizza, Papadia, or some other items. All of them work great for watching the big game. There are even vegan options. In short, everyone can get what they want.

Order Wings for Your Game Day Party

Are you ready to watch the big game? Just because you are separated by COVID (or some other reason) doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun. All you need to do is look for “BBQ wings near me” and set up the game so that everyone can watch from their own homes. Alternatively, get together for an outdoor, socially distanced party. Whatever you choose, it will be a good time.