How to Invest Successfully in Kebab Grills

Kebab is one of the best dishes to share with friends and family at a gathering. It is also a good business with less hassle. All you need is adequate space, a good meat supplier, other ingredients, and good commercial-grade kebab machines.

What is a Kebab Machine, And How to Choose the Right One For Your Business?

Kebab machines are commonly used appliances in restaurants, especially those that serve meat as a specialty. This machine rotates meat and cooks it in plain view of guests or customers.

To start, you should know the three types of kebab machines:

  1. Slider and angled gas burner: It is an advanced type. Some of its features are: 
  2. Its easy slide and burner block provides even control on what you are cooking. The burner block is adjustable and gives you the option to move the burner away or closer to the meat.
  3. Its angular heating profile makes it easier to cook irregular-shaped kebabs.
  4. Swing and angled gas burner: It is the basic burner machine. It is not as advanced as the slider. However, you can get the same features as an adjustable burner and angular heating capability. On top of that, its burner is bent, allowing you to concentrate the heat on a meat part as you will.
  5. Electric-type burner: It uses electricity to function. One unique feature of the burner includes even-heating capacity, thus making evenly heated meat. On top of that, since it has a grill-less heating front section, grease accumulation is lesser.

When choosing what is best for your business, the vital thing to consider is the quality and cooking capacity.

Especially for business use, you will use the machine many times, so it is necessary to choose a machine that is durable and made of high-quality materials that can withstand heat. At the same time, it should resist rust and deterioration.

When it comes to cooking capacity, think of the quantity of meat you will cook and serve daily. Ideally, commercial-grade kebab machines should hold up to 85 pounds.

What is a Good Kebab?

Once you have a kebab machine and a good location, it is time to prepare the kebab itself.

  1. Meat: Like any other food, kebab needs fresh ingredients. As the main character of kebab, it is crucial that you only use the freshest meat available. Frozen meat tends to lose its ability to soak the flavours of a marinade. Aside from that, it becomes less tender and juicy. 
  2. The marinade and the sauce: it may taste bland if you do not enhance the flavour of the meat before cooking. Incorporating a good house recipe for marinade and sauce is an excellent way to mark your business.
  3. The meat and vegetable ratio is also an important consideration. For example, if you make a doner kebab, you should balance the meat and vegetables. They should complement each other instead of overpowering.

Kebab Ideas

There are numerous kinds of kebabs that you can serve. However, here are two of the common ones to start you off.

  • Shish Kebab: is one of the most popular. It is usually a skewer of alternating meat and vegetables.
  • Doner Kebab: or rotating kebab, is usually made of lamb meat. An example of this is shawarma.

It may be fast food, but you can say that kebab is one of the healthiest ways to eat meat. Because it is grilled instead of fried, you can get away from extra oil or fats. Aside from that, it usually comes with salads or a piece of bread.

With the right pick of ingredients and cooked in quality equipment, a kebab is not just food but an experience.

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