Outpatient Alcohol Treatment


Addiction to alcohol is one of the worst addictions that the people in the world are falling prey of. When a patient is diagnosed with Alcoholism he should be given proper treatment to help him live an enriched and healthy life. There are various Rehab Centers which have addiction control experts to give proper treatment and medication to the patients. Alcohol treatment is basically a full course treatment like any other treatment course for any particular disease. The treatment will offer emotional and psychological guidance to the patient in order to lead an addiction free life.

Alcoholism can be defined as a struggle which a patient will undergo every day on a regular basis in both his personal and social life till the time he is cure of it. There are three types of alcohol treatment namely Inpatient, Outpatient and Luxury. Today, in this article we will discuss about the Outpatient Alcohol Treatment.

Outpatient Alcohol Treatment

Outpatient Alcohol Treatment is an alcohol addiction treatment in which the patient is allowed to live his personal life as he was living it earlier. In this type of Outpatient Alcohol Treatment the patient is required to fulfill his personal and social commitments like before. The only change is that he has to undergo regular medication course and has to go for regular check up. This treatment is best suited for the people whose addiction level is comparatively low and they can control their addiction habit with somewhat ease.

Outpatient Alcohol Treatment

This treatment costs less as compared to the inpatient and luxury treatments. When the patient is the only bread winner in the family and he cannot afford to leave his job and family behind for any reason, he can choose this Outpatient Alcohol Treatment to cure himself. The practice of self control is higher in this treatment as the patient is free to fulfill his social responsibilities. Though, medicinal course will be undertaken by the patient as prescribed by the doctors.

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Types of Therapies undertaken in Outpatient Alcohol Treatment

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy – This is a very common therapy used in alcoholism treatment. In this theory the patient is asked to identify the main problems he is facing in his personal life because drugs and alcoholism are often related to some personal and psychological problems. Discussing and recommending them a better solution to their problems and implementing them will encourage the patient to give up alcoholism completely
  • Stress Management – The patients are given motivational lectures and lessons to help them cope with their stressful lives. Yoga and meditation therapies can be very helpful in stress management
  • Counseling – Counseling sessions are conducted for the patient in order to understand their emotional and psychological problems. It is an important part of alcohol rehab process. In this process the patients also learn about their cravings and behavior deficiencies which they need to overcome by controlling their addiction
  • Group Therapy – In this therapy, the patient is allowed to sit amongst a group of people with whom he can discuss his problems without being judged by. Most popular exercises are SMART or 12 Step. The patient can discuss about the emotional problems and cravings he is facing in his personal life. This will inculcate a feeling of confidence and motivation within himself
  • Medication – This includes medications for alcoholism like Disulfiram, Acamprosate and Naltrexone. These medications will reduce the affects of alcohol helping a patient recover from his addiction

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