Can digital devices trigger myopia among children?

If we ask you about the benefits of technology, you would probably have a lot of things to say, for example, it gives us knowledge, helps connect us with friends and family, marketing and of course, entertainment.

But, have you ever thought of the drawbacks? How about the effects of screen time on your eyes?

Although the consequences of digital screens are common in both kids and adults, children’s eyes are more badly affected. Kids indulge in various close-up activities such as reading, playing, watching TV, doing homework and using tablets or smartphones for study or fun while their eyes are still developing. Working up close for long durations every day can decline their distant vision resulting in myopia.

What is myopia?

It is a type of vision problem or refractive error whereby the patient can see nearby objects clearly but does not have a sharp vision for objects farther away.

While the abnormal eye structure is to be blamed for this condition, people with unhealthy lifestyle habits such as screen time consumption also fall victim to myopia.

Although you can get prescription glasses online to optimize your child’s distant vision, you must encourage them to limit their screen time and indulge in more outdoor activities instead.

Myopia in children

Living in an urban environment, it is almost impossible to refrain from using digital devices. The use of digital devices has skyrocketed among children whether they use them for study, watching cartoons or playing video games. This has made them a more suitable candidate for myopia.

This condition usually happens between 6 and 13 years among children and can get worse during the teenage years.

Here are the signs that tell that your kid has started to develop myopia:

  • Not able to see the whiteboard clearly if they sit in the back of the classroom.
  • Watching TV up close
  • Frequently complaining of eye pain or headaches
  • Rubbing their eyes

How important is an eye test?

Eye tests for children are important to ensure that their vision is healthy and they perform well at school. After the age of 5 or 6, parents are recommended to take their children for an eye test every two years.

If your child already has a vision problem, it is best to schedule a yearly eye exam for them. Children are not aware of the symptoms of vision changes. Thus, they are less likely to report a decline in their visual acuity. Having an eye test is the best way to keep tabs on their vision state and take preventive measures.

How is myopia corrected?

Myopia or short-sightedness can be treated by a number of methods. The easiest way is to have an eye test, get your kid’s prescription and then pick up glasses online or from an optical store near you.

Apart from corrective glasses, one may also go for laser eye surgery. However, this surgery is not recommended for children as their eyes are still in the development phase and having surgery can get in the way of their eye growth.

What are the other harms of digital devices?

Children who spend more time staring at a digital screen have a higher risk of developing these problems:

Computer vision syndrome

Also known as digital eye strain, this condition results from visual stress due to prolonged use of digital devices.

Computer vision syndrome has a group of symptoms including headaches, blurred vision, eye fatigue, dry eyes and neck and shoulder pain. Digital devices are infamous for emitting blue light that is deemed harmful for our eye health.

So, if your kid is indulging in computer work, encourage them to wear blue light glasses. You can find affordable blue light glasses in the UK that also filter out maximum blue waves.

Bad posture

When your child is using a computer or laptop, their body posture isn’t correct. They either slouch or curve their back a little and tilt their head back. This unhealthy posture gives rise to many of the physical discomforts associated with computer vision syndrome.

What’s the outlook on digital devices?

Digital devices can prove to be of great help when it comes to educating your children. No matter whether they use them for study or fun, you should be mindful of their screen time.

To ensure the best visual health, take the help of corrective or blue light glasses. Now You can get cheap glasses online that have blue light blocking technology. These will protect your kid’s vision from the blue light and ensure a strong visual acuity. Make sure you take them for a yearly eye exam and keep a check on their lifestyle habits.