What Are The Most Watched Channels On Twitch TV? 

With the announcement that Microsoft’s very own streaming platform, Mixer, would be shutting down this year and YouTube being constantly outmaneuvered in securing rights and deals over the course of the year, Twitch.tv is once again primed to end another year as the undisputed titan for streamers online.

2020 might have seen more rivals emerge to challenge for this honour, but Twitch will round out the year in a stronger position than it has ever been. Over 8.5 million streamers went live on the platform over the course of November alone, culminating in well over 1.78 billion hours of entertainment being digested by users on the site.

These numbers are naturally staggering to see, but which categories of channels on Twitch.TV have been the most watched over the past thirty days or so?

Most Watched Channels On Twitch TV

1. Just Chatting 

Hours Watched: 227,465,717 viewer hours

In the wake of all the postponements, lockdowns and cancellations so prevalent throughout the year, 2020 has become the year of the podcast. Even outside of Twitch, more and more shows have been popping up intended to fill the gap left behind by cancelled shows and events, but the online streaming platform really is where everyone has gone to ride this wave this year.

There are so many personalities present on Twitch, and as more influencers and celebrities grow aware of the platform’s potential pulling power, don’t be surprised to see this category continue to grow over the course of the coming months and years.

2. League of Legends

Hours Watched: 114,006,254 viewer hours

The world’s biggest Esports title with over 250 million active players across the globe, its unsurprising to see League of Legends coming in high in this list. League of Legends betting has become increasingly popular among fans, with online streams being the best way of following the action and keeping up to date with the best odds, and the scene definitely benefited over the course of the month from the 2020 edition of Worlds playing out over that time.

3. Among Us

Hours Watched: 73,961,590 viewer hours

Along with Fall Guys, Among Us proved to be one of the viral sensations to have emerged from the world of gaming  post-lockdown around the world. The spacesuit-wearing characters players take control of have become so recognisable, and the word ‘sus’ has now become synonymous with the success of the game.

4. Minecraft

Hours Watched: 73,010,212 viewer hours

Living proof that the phrase ‘legends never die’ is one of the truest things ever uttered, Minecraft continues to defy the odds and remain one of the world’s most popular games ever released. Somehow more popular today than ever before in its near-decade lifespan, Minecraft is, in many ways, the perfect game for 2020.

Calm, colourful and immersive, it’s unsurprising to see an open world built around having the freedom to go wherever you want and build whatever you like has proven to be such a hit to follow in a year dominated by negativity and restrictions.

5. Fortnite

Hours Watched: 72,433,973 viewer hours

Another game that really needs no introduction thanks to its impact as a cultural phenomenon, few games can point to the mainstream recognition that Epic Games and Fortnite currently boast. Having emerged over the course of 2019 as the winner of the Battle Royale war against the likes of PUBG and Apex Legends, Fortnite has once again benefitted from its wide array of celebrity and sports star influencers who have helped keep interest in the game alive throughout the latter half of this year.