7 tips to Turbo Charge Your iPhone’s Performance

When using your iPhone, you may not be using it optimally. There are many tricks you can use to be more efficient in using your iphones, and here comes a list that can make your life with your iphone much easier.

7 tips to Turbo Charge Your iPhone’s Performance

How to send Attachments

The first step is to make sure that your files or photos are either stored under photos or in ICloud. Then you start a new email and then press the arrow to get the toolbar where it says Select, select all, insert photo or Video, etc. And then select Insert Photo or Video. By default, ICloud is opened, and you can now choose to insert an image.

All other files you will be able to attach to an email must be shared with mail first. You want, for example, To send a PDF file from ibooks, first open it in ibooks and share it with Mail.

How to save drafts in Mail

If you are sitting and writing an email, but should just examine something you want to mention in the text, then you can save it as draft. To return to it once you’ve found what you need.

Click Cancel in the top left corner and select Save Draft. You can then find the mail in draft folder.

If you just want to temporarily close the email to check something in another email, you can close it by tapping the subject line and then swiping down. The title of the mail will be visible at the bottom of the page. When you’re ready to continue the mail, just tap the title and it closes it up again.

Add an appointment from your email to your calendar

It is possible to add events from your email to your calendar. To enable this feature, open Setup > Mail, contacts, calendars, and turn on found appointments if it’s not already.

In the future, when you get an email with an appointment, it displays a notification at the top that you can tap to add this appointment to your calendar. Tap add to paste it into the calendar and add again to save it.

How to change an appointment in your calendar

Open the calendar, tap the appointment until it becomes transparent, and then drag it up or down to change the time or to the right or left to change the day.

You can also tap the small circles at the top and bottom and drag up or down to expand the duration of the appointment.

To make it even faster, you can also use Siri. Say something like “make my appointment on Friday KL. 14 on to Saturday KL. 10 ″.

How to add travel time to your calendar appointment

Edit the appointment you want to add travel time to. Add the address of the agreement. Allow the calendar to access your location if it asks for it.

Then select Alarm and select Departure time. Then you’ll get a reminder of when to leave based on the travel time from where you are.

Tap Edit Appointment and select other reminder. Here you can set up a reminder up to two weeks before the appointment.

When you’re done, tap Edit appointment and then finish.

How to share reminders

If you use family sharing, a shared family reminder list will be created automatically. However, all reminder lists can be shared with other IOS users.

Open the list you want to share, tap Edit > Del > add person and add the email address associated with the person’s ICloud account. You will receive a notification when the person has accepted your request.

Set different vibration patterns for your contacts

If you sit and have to concentrate and then vibrate your phone with an incoming message, which then turns out to be an advertisement, then you can go and be a bit annoyed by the interruption.

On IPhone, you can set different vibrating patterns for your contacts so you know who it is sending a message. This makes it easier to ignore incoming messages if it’s the standard vibration pattern and not an important message.

In Contacts, select the contact you want to add a vibratory pattern to, and then click Vibrate. If you can’t find Vibration, click Edit and add it.

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