How to choose rug pads for Hardwood floorings?

Hardwood floorings generally require area rugs, the use of rag pads underneath the area rug is important. However, according to the professionals, the use of certain kinds of rough pads me so much the finishing of the wood floorings. This article is intended to provide you with some essential information about how to choose the right rug pads for hardwood floorings.

One of the most important things to keep in mind while making the purchase of the raga paid for wood floorings is that most of the pads are imported. Many of them are high in volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) which are made from petroleum-based chemicals such as PVC. PVC has the capability to chemically bond to the polyurethane finishing of the wood floorings. Moreover, if the pad is left under the rug for too long, the residue can cause permanent damage to the wood floorings. Some low-grade synthetic rubber pads initially work well, but after a certain period break down and turn into dust particles. Choosing a good quality rubber pad is very important, it will prevent the potential damages on your floorings.

Why are rug pads essential?

One of the most essential purposes of using a rug pad is for safety. Rug pads keep the rugs flat, stationary and prevent any false or slips that usually occur because of the rug movement.

Most importantly, rug pads prevent the drug from damaging the surface of the wood floorings. Many carpets and rugs are woven on abrasive secondary backing material, If left unchecked, this can wear through the finish on the hardwood floor. Plus, a rug pad for hardwood floors prevents the dye from transferring from the rug to the floor finishing.

Also, adding a raga pad can increase the thickness of the raga which gives a plush underfoot or increased comfort.

Different types of rug pads:

Synthetic latex: Synthetic latex rug pads are best for short-term performances. The latex is blended with clay fillers which reduces the manufacturing price. Although, the clay can dry out and leave a pile of rubble flakes which can be damaging to the floorings.

Polyvinyl-based (PVC): We do not recommend our readers to purchase PVC based rug pads. This is because they are the lowest priced rug pads, they are not analyzed for VOC emissions or non-toxic contents. Such pads can react with the polyurethane finish that can permanently discolor the floor.

100% Natural Rubber: These rug pads are manufactured from rubber tree sap and are eco-friendly. Hundred percent natural rubber pads are a safe alternative to the PVC. Plus, the true rubber pads provide a non-stick gripping to the surface of the hardwood floor. They have a great medium price range.

100% Felt Pads: These rug pads are an excellent choice for adding the cushion to the rugs. Search rug pads the world best on the larger drugs. The material provides the best under food comfort and the highest density. However, these rug pads do not provide gripping. Mostly, these pads are manufactured from recycled materials which makes them an eco-friendly option.

Felt/Rubber Hybrid pad: It is the most expensive yet efficient rug pad that can offer the best of both worlds to the customers. Such rug pads offer the best cushioning and gripping.

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