What is WMI Provider Gost

What is WMI Provider Gost?

WMI provider Host is the significant tool in the windows which run in the background and allow applications, software to request and fetch the information about other application on the computer. WMI Provider host support to windows by reading the System state and request information from the Microsoft. Many users are facing the issue of performance lacking, High-CPU usage, low Speed, battery drain, and Overheating issue. Users experience is lacked by the heavy usage of the WMI is windows management instrumentation in the Windows, which is installed as a default tool to support the Computer.

A high amount of CPU usage resources makes user experience lack and slow down the pc because of WMI provider Host. People have observed the WMI in the Task Manager using the High CPU, Data Network and program lagging in the Computer. WMI provider host high CPU general consume the minimum amount of CPU with 1%-2% in the CPU. WMI is very rare to consume system resources in the PC. WMI host consumes heavy CPU leads you CPU to heat up and Reduce the system Resources in the system.

WMI is nothing but Windows Management Instrumentation tool built-in windows operating system which allow communicating with programs in the PC. WMI helps send data about programs to communicate with the system.

WMI provider host provides you with information about the Computer’s motherboard, serial number, programs, state of the system and Hard drive Health in the PC.


WMI provider host tools in the windows help to communicate with programs in the PC. WMI provider use CPU occasionally when the software or application make send information ask to WMI and normal in the system. Heavy CPU usage by the WMI in the windows is a simple sign that another application is getting data from WMI.

WMI provider host helps in communication with the application and send data via WMI to it. WMI Provider has the information about the computer hardware and serial number in it. WMI is a compulsory tool in the operating system for pc. WMI provider may sometime be stopped working or disable in the system. You can even disable the WMI in the system because to stop avoid the High CPU, network, and Memory in the PC. When the WMI is not working, you may see these issues in the system. Unresponsive application, slow down the computer and make it impossible to start it, CPU gets superhot in the Computer.

WMI provider host is not responding or unresponsive in the system, and please Follow these steps in the Computer to look for the WMI in the system. Please find steps below useful and solve this issue in the PC. Please go through them every single step, and WMI high CPU usage is solved in the system.


In the windows, the operating system has its own Windows Defender Firewall in the system. In the Firewall, sometimes operating system won’t scan the program or application in the system that are affected in the system. If they are detected in the system, you can remove them in the system.


You can take action in the system those who came across the windows 10 WMI prvse.exe with High CPU, High Disk Usage malfunction in the Computer. For the troubleshoot situation, WMI provider host service is more effective in Restart in the pc. You need to follow these commands in this system.

  • Turn on the computer and login into the Computer as administer.
  • Press the command buttons on the keyboard “WINDOWS+R” and command launch the Run in the screen.


  • Please enter the text in the command “SERVICES.MSC” into the RUN box and press ENTER button.


  • You will get the pop-up as an explorer, as shown in the image. Select the WINDOWS MANAGEMENT INSTRUMENTATION in it.


  • Select the WMI and double click and restart it. The action takes place in seconds and restarts the services in the system.
  • Restart your computer and check the problem solved in the PC.
  • Please enter the “CMD.EXE” in the search bar in command prompt. Command prompt comes out and chooses to RUN as an administrator in the system.
  • In the Command prompt window, type the commands as mentioned below and press the ENTER button.
  1. net stop iphlpsvc
  2. net stop wscsvc
  3. net stop Winmgmt
  4. net start Winmgmt
  5. net start wscsvc
  6. net start iphlpsvc


  • Restart the computer and see if the WMI prvSE.Exe in the system. See the High CPU issue solved, and WMI provider host error persists.



Some of the programs and drivers are incompatible in the Windows OS update. If you update any program or remove the services in the windows service in it. You can easily uninstall the program very easily in the system.

  1. Press WINDOWS+X button in the keyboard and choose the EVENT VIEWER in the system.
  2. Click on the VIEW option and then select the option SHOW ANALYTIC AND DEBUG LOGS.
  3. It would be best if you had taken in the specific path in the Computer as shown in here: APPLICATIONS AND SERVICE LOGS -> MICROSOFT -> WINDOWS -> WMI ACTIVITY -> OPERATIONAL LOG. Here you can use the entire list in the event viewer.
  4. Please press the button WINDOWS+X and show the option TASK MANAGER in it.
  5. Please take the action Turn to the SERVICES tab, and you need to locate the process with MATCHING IDs in the MARKED ERROR in the EVENT VIEWER. You can even specifically choose program or services to UNINSTALL or DISABLE to remove the service in the system.


Here is the simple steps about the WMI PROVIDER HOST in the system and choose the High CPU services and avoid the High Disk Usage in the PC. Windows Management instrumentation services help to stay updated and connect the programs with Windows get information from it. WMI is very helpful and supportive, but it causes the High CPU, Hot CPU in the Computer.