How to setup Content://

The “content:/” is a connection code that configures homepages based on the default browser. Once you buy smartphones and connect to your computer, you will also get the default page. And if you don’t like the default homepage of your browser, then you should change it. Here we’ll describe the program content:/” and the manual.

By default, most Android phones have Android’s simple web browser pre-installed. By writing this “content:/” request in the Android web browser ‘s default URL bar, one of the big mobile web browsers lets you update your browser. If you can’t find a way to change the default browser homepage on your Android smartphone, you can need to go a little under the hood to find other ways to change it.

It’s a connection that works with web browsers by default and helps you customize your homepage. This link works on any web browser because your computer is set to the browser by default. If the browser is not set to default, this connection may show errors as your file “ERR FILE NOT FOUND” has not been found, or the file has been moved or removed.

In certain cases, Error 404 could also be considered as not. All browsers require users to have their default homepage. Although most of these are Google, some users use Bing, Yahoo and DuckDuckGo. You can turn to another search engine, however, if your apps are content:/ or content:/, and you don’t like them.

Best Browsers for Android

  • Dolphin Browser
  • Brave Browser
  • Firefox Browser
  • Google Chrome
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Opera’s browsers


What is content:/

Each time you purchase a Smartphone with a pre-installed program, it comes with certain browsers with extensions. And you will still be asked about the window you want to open when you click on a link to open it. To this end, there is a code connection to the contents:/ The web browser has a subjective view allowing users to create a home page.

  • By default open the Google Browser app.
  • Click the menu button on the top right side of the screen which is most likely to be available.
  • Click the “Settings” button, then drill down in the submenu to the “iOS Browser Settings” option. Click on this once you’ve found it.
  • Activate this to General Settings.
  • Finally, click “Homepage” button.
  • Now enter the URL you wish to add to the default page, or select the option for a blank tab.

Therefore, you can easily customize your Smartphone apps, whether new or old, to use the Android home browser (content:/ to set the default browser on your Android mobile device. If you are familiar with Android, you might be aware that most of the settings on different Android smartphones are similar.

It should be borne in mind that all user data, including your emails and social media use data, is compatible with your default browser. Showing the default web browser needs to be carefully select to protect your data and protect your privacy against access by third parties. That’s why your default web browser, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, is picked.

How to set up a homepage using “content:/”?

  • Open your default Web browser window.
  • In the top-right corner you will see a three dot menu option.
  • Tap on key to access the settings.
  • The drop-down menu shows a Preferences icon.
  • This menu entitles you to the main “Location Homepage.”
  • Tap the Settings choice on the homepage and you will be prompted to enter the URL.
  • Write down the URL to your favorite website home page.
  • You have done and it’s time for me to go.

How to set up a homepage using "content:/

An easy way to pick your homepage by default

There are also the few secret ways behind the curtain to change the themes by design. Defining your Android Smartphone’s default homepage is one feature of its own. With different browsers, there are often different ways to modify your homepage. Such applications are discussed mainly in the literature If you don’t know how to change your default tab, don’t worry.

We’re trying to clarify by default how you can set up your account. The following method helps you to conveniently assign content to your Android device content:// You don’t have to think about the irritating pop-up window that asks you to select a browser if you want to check the Internet for something.

  • Open your default web browser and visit your homepage to the website you want to use.
  • Press the Menu button now.
  • You may notice an option named “Save Bookmarks on the URL page.” Press the Star icon in the address bar when using Chrome.
  • Re-press the menu button and check for possible bookmarks.
  • Consider that you can do that in certain cases by visiting the post office too.
  • Only click the History tab or bookmark.
  • A new menu that includes the option called to set as homepage will appear.

 How to Remove content://

Content:/ is, as we know, the default URL for the built-in Android app. Although the browser itself is worse because the gui is not good, it really looks bad, users don’t like this homepage. Follow the steps below to remove the content from your homepage:/

  • Start Web browser installed by default Select menu settings and then choose menu option.
  • Now tap General and then press Pick Homepage.
  • Type your default homepage with the URL or search engine you wish to save.
  • Click Save button.

Contents:/ you may want to use something to get away from bloated and inferior applications with a secure, quick, and elegant rendering engine.

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