Tips For Buying The Right Baseball Bat

In order to get the most out of your baseball experience, you need to buy the right baseball bat. If you do not have the right bat, then you could end up injuring yourself because the bat is too heavy or too long. In order to know if you got the right baseball bat, there are a few tips that you should consider.

The Feel of the Bat

After you decide on where to buy baseball bats, you need to be able to have the correct feel of the bat. This feel should allow you to be comfortable as you swing. However, if you do not feel as comfortable as you should be, then you need to try another bat. If you have a bat that does not feel right, then you may feel a dragging motion from the bat.

It is a good idea to remember that there are a number of baseball bats that have different sizes of barrels, weights, and lengths. When you are trying out a bat, always ask yourself how it feels while practicing.

The Bat Length

When you are choosing the size of the bat, a few ways exist in order for the bat size to be correct. Normally, a bat that is 26 inches will be the perfect size for a child that is under 4 feet tall. A great way to measure the bat to ensure that its length is correct is to hold the bat along the length of the leg and ensure that it is not taller than your hip.

The Bat Weight

Now that you know that you have the right bat length, you need to ensure that the bat is the correct weight. When the bat is light, there will be an increase in control and speed of the bat’s swing. When the bat is heavier, then there will be an increase in power.

The weight of the bat will depend on whether the bat is for a youth or adult player. For youths, the ideal weight should be around -12. For adults, the ideal weight should be measured at around -3

Bat weights that are commonly seen in baseball involve -12, -9, -5, and -3. Ultimately the weight of the bat depends on what the player desires. If more control and speed are desired, then the -12 will be good. When more power is desired, then using a -10 bat weight will provide the results.

Figuring Out the Size of the Bat

There are many resources that can help you determine the right size bat. When you are determining the size, you need to ensure that it is suitable for the height and weight of the user. The length of the bat may also depend on your player’s talent and the level you are playing. When the ball is being pitched fast, you need to ensure that the bat will be able to make contact. Having a bat that is either 32 oz or 33 oz will ensure that the ball is hit. But when a pitch is much slower, then either the 33 oz or a 34 oz bat will be able to make clear contact. It is important to keep in mind that you want the bat to feel good in your hands if you are looking to have great results with it.

When you need to pick a bat later on, the process may not be as complicated due to you already having a known comfort level and knowing what to expect and prefer. But if you have not found your comfort level, then you should find it prior to getting up to the plate.

In Summary

As you shop around for your baseball bat, the above tips need to be taken into account. You may feel overwhelmed with where to start, but when you begin, you will likely have a bat that will always provide you with your desired results. This will be due to you knowing your own hitting ability and knowing what to feel for in a bat. So, if you are ready to choose the best bat available, you should start your search for a bat today.

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