Does AEW: Fight Forever Prove We Need to Go Back to Basics With Wrestling Video Games?

Wrestling video games are some of the most fun you can have playing games. You are just beating up your opponents for as long as you want, and they continue to get up and fight back until you pin them. However, some games in the genre have gotten completely too complicated. This new game is the first of All Elite Wrestling and is expected to have WWF No Mercy type gameplay. The question now is, did wrestling video games try to recreate the wheel too much and overcomplicate things?

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This is the Same Issue That Happens in All Fighting Games

The issue that seems to be prevalent in today’s combat games as a whole is the fact that you need to master a combination of buttons in order to make some moves happen. That means you need to put hundreds of hours into the video game in order to be able to do some solid moves.

What AEW: Fight Forever has is a simplistic moveset where you do not need to mash buttons or learn a bunch of combinations in order to be effective inside of the ring.

Reddit has taken screenshots of the controls offensively, and it is extremely simple to the point that you can just pick up the game for the first time and understand how to make things work as a whole. One button is a high strike, while a different button will be a low strike. That does not mean the combinations will be completely eliminated, as each wrestler has different move sets, and it is more than just a high strike and low strike.

However, the best thing the company could do for this game is to make sure that the controls are simple to play and difficult to master, and that is exactly what they have here. That is exactly what we have with NFL lines as they are simple to understand and difficult to master to make loads of money.

Having a Great Career Mode

Having wrestling games that have an entertaining and engaging career mode as it really makes a good game great. It has been reported that there have been heavy resources to make this career mode notable and something that is incredible.

It is a lot of fun to have dream matches that we have not seen on television, as you can have matches with guys like Owen Hart vs Cody Rhodes or other matches as wrestlers are still being announced for the game. However, a career mode that does not get repetitive and instead helps create intriguing moments and not a linear path. That makes things a lot better and keeps the game replayable, as it takes a while to dominate as a whole.

GM Mode

This would be a fun thing to do as Tony Khan has purchased Ring of Honor, so you can do an All Elite Wrestling vs Ring of Honor or something that makes it a huge plus with all the available resources. Hopefully, the game allows the player to do more than just wrestle and walk around backstage, as there is so much uncharted territory that wrestling games have failed to approach up to this point.

GM mode is a fun mode where you go up against other promotions, so maybe adding some Impact or New Japan Pro Wrestling talents and having a rivalry with them would add a new wrinkle as well into the game as long as it is not a cookie-cutter game that the WWE series seems to have become under the 2k banner as it seems to be the exact same game with a little roster update for each brand.