The entertaining CSA 4-Day Domestic Series

The entertaining CSA 4-Day Domestic Series

First class cricket is still played in many locations across the world. In South Africa, it is possible to find lots of different competitions that play this and other forms of the game. When wagering on 1xBet – try bet exchange India which can give even better chances to punters.

One of the most entertaining competitions in South Africa is the CSA 4-Day Domestic Series. This competition was played for the first time in 1889, and since then, it has offered countless seasons with some excellent matches.

The competition has undergone many modifications during its existence. Yet, it has remained as one of the most entertaining cricket championships in South Africa. The 1xBet India site also allows its fans to try bet exchanges which can significantly improve their chances of winning.

Different eras

The existence of the CSA 4-Day Domestic Series can be separated in different eras. The first one lasted between 1889 and 2005. During that time, it was contested by fifteen different teams. Each one of them represented a specific South African province. For betting on all cricket cups in South Africa, a great site to do so is the website.

In 2005, the competition underwent a major modification. The former provincial teams were replaced by franchises. Many provincial squads merged in order to give form to these brand new squads, which were part of the championship until 2021. Regardless of the teams that participate in the tournament, the CSA 4-Day Domestic series can still be wagered on the 1xBet site.

Return to the provinces

In 2021, the competition had another major change. In that year, it was decided to return the competition to the provincial format. However, the format of the competition wasn’t exactly the same as the one it had between 1889 and 2005. Instead, the fifteen provinces were allocated to two divisions, with promotion and relegation between them. Punters can make cricket live betting only from 1xBet bookmaker, which allows them to place wagers on all these squads.

Some of the teams that participate on this brand-new format of the CSA 4-Day Domestic Series are:

  • Western Province;
  • KwaZulu-Natal (Inland);
  • Northern Cape;
  • Mpumalanga;
  • and Limpopo.

This change has made the competition even more exciting and entertaining. That’s another reason to make live cricket betting only from 1xBet bookmaker, which features all the matches of the cup.