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What is Stellar Data Recovery?

Stellar Data Recovery is a comprehensive data recovery solution for desktop computers hard disks, removable hard drives, SD cards, SSD storage, and Storage devices.

The software’s sophisticated scan processor does a full scan of the chosen storage device, displays a preview of files discovered during the scan, and then saves them to a given location. There are also separate solutions for recovering document, directories, emails, and multimedia data from the data storage.

There are 6 different models of Stellar Data Recovery:

  1. Free edition
  2. Standard edition
  3. Professional edition
  4. Premium edition
  5. Technician edition
  6. Toolkit edition

How to Get Stellar Data Recovery for Free on a Computer:


  • When you click the Start Download link, a new window with the Stellar Data Recovery free download page will appear.
  • The EXE file will immediately download to your PC after you press the huge Download for Free link.
  • Once the download is finished, double-click the file to launch the setup process.
  • Click OK after selecting your favourite language.


  • To start the installation procedure, click Proceed, and afterwards agree the License Agreement by selecting the “I Agree” option.



  • Click Install after selecting a downloaded file for Stellar Data Recovery or using the default choice.


  • A short movie will play although the application is installing on your system, demonstrating you how to restore lost data.


Common data recovery scenarios:

An operating system failure, an external hard drive malfunction, logical inability of storage devices, unintentional damage or loss, and so on is the most prevalent data recovery scenarios. In this instance.

Other frequent data loss circumstances where Stellar Data Recovery can assist with recovering data include as follows:

  • You didn’t use a “safely removed hardware” option before removing an external storage or USB thumb drive. It usually results in harm to the initial file system, which then becomes RAW.
  • You may obtain the notice “You must format the disc in drive before you would be using it” if you attach such a memory device to the system again. Never format a disk drive until all data has been restored. Regardless of the initial file system type, recovering data from a RAW file system device is usually simple.
  • Some other typical scenario is unintentionally formatting a disc or deleting the incorrect partition. The recovery’s efficiency is contingent on:
  • Users used a formatting style like Quick formats or Complete format.
  • Stellar Data Recovery supports NTFS, FAT, FAT16, FAT32, and exFAT file systems as well as other file systems.
  • You’ve erased a single file by mistake. The quality of the recovery is determined by how quickly you stopped using the drive after deleting the file.
  • You reinstalled Windows and subsequently discovered that the hard disc contained important data.
  • The feasibility of data recovery is affected by aspects such as how long you’ve been working with the new setup. The more you use the disc, the less likely it is that you will be able to retrieve data.

The Stellar Free Data Recovery software has a straightforward interface that allows users to recover data in 3 easy steps: users pick the chosen storage device and data type, scan the disc, and finally save the restored files. Users can also view files before they are restored using the software’s preview feature. This allows users to distinguish which version of the file they are recovering, allowing them to restoration only the data they need rather than restoring everything and having to delete unneeded recovered information.


If you’ve ever accidentally erased information, images, or movies from your laptop, you know how aggravating it can be. Stellar Data Recovery Free Edition is a free data recovery software that can swiftly scan your system for files and retrieve and restore them. This application not only recovers deleted items, but also corrupted or destroyed ones.

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