All you need to know about Oracle EBS test automation

If the company wants to be agile and keep up with the quickly changing market situations, it has to consistently deliver applications more quickly and stay informed of packaged application updates. Test automation can automate tedious tasks in an already established standardized testing process. Also, it performs extra checks that would be hard to perform manually.

Some key benefits of Oracle EBS test automation:

  • One-click test creation and discovery

Companies usually test systems in the same monotonous approach, which requires logging manually into the system. Following that, it discovers legacy test cases via a lengthy method. The companies will now connect to the ERP system to identify the historical tests. The company also mines the process records to find coverage gaps.

  1. Fill in the gaps with a single click: Using the 30,000 pre-built test cases helps achieve 90% test coverage in a few hours. Remove the need for lengthy business process documenting sessions and complicated Excel files.
  • Code-free test creator

Sometimes a command-based action is necessary for manual automation, and operating may be challenging at times. The company’s no-code interface enables any employee to build new tests 95% faster than Selenium or other code-based technologies for remaining holes in coverage. You can easily create any test using the drag-and-drop interface, no matter how complicated. To automatically document browser sessions, use the test recorder.

  • Analysis of the impact, self-healing scripts, and collaboration and reporting

For every system component, it generates a unique progress report. Simply click, and it’s prepared. The company’s impact analysis allows you to evaluate as-is vs. to-be situations to guarantee that nothing breaks.

Without leaving the company’s platform, you may communicate across departments, auto-generate records, and raise tickets. With a single click, you can ensure that the tests will not break when the applications update. It is known as a self-healing script.

  • The reduction in the test creation time is 80%

Automation is easy to use when everything is planned out and carried out correctly.

  • Maximum test coverage

The company’s cutting-edge automation covers over 95% of the system, unlike other manual tests that only evaluate a portion of the work of the system and produce specialized results.

  • ‍Authenticate Validation

Oracle’s security is well-known. A password-protected portal will request the necessary information here as well to access the test case. In addition, logging in must occur within a certain window of time.

  • ‍A high degree of flexibility

The EBS automation may operate in any setting, whether on the web, a laptop, a desktop, or a mainframe.


The Opkey Oracle EBS accelerator’s breadth, size, and economic effect will usher in the demands of artificial intelligence, instant connectivity, consumer gadgetry, and limitless possibilities in the next years, shattering the corporate world in unfathomable ways. The notion has become clearer as a result of the digital transformation, which over the past several years, has expanded the use of social media, mobile, analytics, and cloud computing.

The worldwide community of Oracle EBS customers is searching for effective testing techniques to speed up and automate the process while ensuring optimum coverage. Adapting testing automation solutions is now required on a more urgent basis as efficiency and return on investment are being evaluated. The Opkey Oracle EBS test automation procedures seek to speed up platform testing by detecting flaws.