Is Drinking Beer Good For Your Health: Here Is What Doctors Are Say

Sometimes there is nothing better than a can of beer at the end of a stressful day. Whenever we talk about consuming beer, we create a guilty conscience. Maybe beer has made a bad reputation for itself for being a part of the thug’s life, as we see in Hollywood movies.

But, you will be happy to feel that moderate consumption of beer is healthy and helps cure many diseases. After going through the articles, you will realize that the benefits of the beer go beyond what you would have ever imagined.

What are the actual constituents of beer? Are they harmful to the body, or are they a part of a natural diet? According to Melvin Brewing, the dietary guidelines of America talk about consuming a moderate amount of beer per day. While some research also shows that there is some room for imbibition as a part of a balanced diet.

Is Drinking Beer Good For Health?

If we talk about moderate drinking and not filling oneself to the throats, drinking beer does come with several health benefits. Many experts believe that beer is more like a food than a beverage. It consists of the daily nutrients we need to survive.

While it does mean that beer is full of calories, drinking in moderation is advisable if you are someone who is obese. Here are a few health benefits that show how consuming beer is healthy.

1. Lower The Risk Of Diabetes

A study published in a journal of the European association found that the people who drink beer three to four times a week show less sign of diabetes than the people who never drank beer.

This study shows that consuming moderate beer helps to fight diabetes and keep your restricted diabetic symptoms restricted.

2. Make Your Heart Healthy

We all know that wine is healthy for your heart. However, the same thing can be said for the beer. A preliminary study presented in the American Heart Association states that they have followed 80,000 individuals for a tenure of six years. The moderate drinker has the slowest decline of the HDL (High-Density Lipoprotein).

With that being said, it decreases the risk of many heart-related diseases. Researchers also show that moderate drinkers are 42% less likely to die from a heart attack.

3. Build Stronger Bones

From childhood, we have been told that if you want strong bones, drinking milk is the only key. But as we grow up, milk is the last thing we would like to drink. So, is there anything in the refrigerator that can be used as an alternative? Sure, there is – Beer.

A review published in the international journal of Endocrinology states that moderate beer consumption increases bone density in men. Even scientists agree that the silicon present in the Pint might be the reason.

4. Boost Brain Power

While we are on the topic of silicon being on a diet, silicon helps the brain protect itself from compounds that cause cognitive diseases.

In an experiment to see whether beer helps boost your brainpower, researchers of the Loyola University in Chicago found that moderate drinkers are 23% less likely to develop dementia than nondrinkers.

5. Reduce Inflammation

The next time your spouse shouts at you for being in the bar, tell her you were there for a reason – To fight inflammation. Inflammation in the body is the underlying reason for most diseases. According to a study published by molecular nutrition and food research, Hops have anti-inflammatory properties.

If that is the case, consuming moderate beer can certainly reduce internal inflammation and pain.

Take Away

There you have it. Although drinking beer is considered a guilty offense, if you know what benefits it brings to the table with moderate consumption, you certainly have a valid reason to drink. Next time when someone belittles you for drinking beer, show them these facts.