Harmonious Child Development: What Every Mother Needs to Know

Babies develop at different rates during different phases of life. If we take the period from 0 to 12 months, the developmental stages of newborns (infants up to 1 month) are counted in days and weeks. An important distinguishing feature of this period is the higher development of hearing and visual perception compared to the motor perception. Emotional reactions are mostly negative, but that is why the mother can understand when something is wrong with the baby (he/she is wet, wants to eat, has a tummy ache).

Every parent cares about the overall development of his/her baby. After all, there is no greater happiness than a healthy and intelligent child! We will consider the main factors that influence the harmonious development of a baby.

Your baby’s physical development

By the time the baby is born, he/she has already learned to move his/ her arms and legs, listen to the mother’s heartbeat, and acquire his/her biological rhythms. But after birth, a lot has changed. And now, your little one has entered a huge world and is learning to exist as a separate living person. On this journey, parents need to create the conditions for the baby’s harmonious development.

Experts say that a child’s mental development depends directly on the physical. After all, a baby learns the world through activity, which is movement. And that means that the more the baby moves, the faster his/her brain grows and develops.

Balanced nutrition

A child’s brain also needs proper nutrition to develop fully. Pediatricians advise adhering to a feeding schedule by offering meals at about the same time and avoiding long breaks. In order to ensure that the child receives all the necessary nutrients and, at the same time to prevent an excess of certain nutrients, food should be balanced. Depending on the particular age, the baby’s diet should include dairy and milk products, vegetables, fruits, bread, cereals, vegetable oils, fish, and eggs.

Nowadays, there are also milk formulas for babies and toddlers designed to replace milk products in the diet of young children. If you want to make sure that your baby gets all the needed vitamins and minerals, you can supplement his/her diet with a milk formula after consulting the doctor. In this case, you can find quality formula options online or offline at an Organic baby formula shop.

For harmonious development are equally important:

  • Timely vaccinations.

Vaccinations will help build immunity and protect your child from dangerous diseases.

  • A categorical ban on self-treatment.

Regardless of the severity of symptoms, you can not give your child any medicine without a doctor’s prescription. Self-medication, in some cases, is more dangerous than the disease itself.

  • Physical activity and daily routine.

Exercise, active games, proper healthy sleep, and long daily walks in the fresh air are essential in the child’s development. They are good for immunity, well-being, and even the baby’s good mood.

  • A healthy atmosphere.

At home, you need to keep order and do regular wet cleaning and airing but strive to avoid creating sterile conditions.

The mission of every parent is to raise a child healthy and happy. To achieve this goal, you need to follow the recommendations of pediatricians, surround the child with love and care, create conditions for his development and become the best role model because young children try to be like Mom and Dad in everything.