How To Create Your Own YouTube Channel

So, you want to start a new YouTube channel. Whether you’re hoping to become the next successful influencer or you want to find streaming success in the gaming community, YouTube is an exciting platform with lots of room to grow your brand and your following. However, the process of starting your channel from scratch can be an intimidating one. From your channel art to getting viewers on your video in the first place, there are a lot of steps that, because they’re unfamiliar, can quickly become overwhelming. Nevertheless, you can implement YouTube best practices from the start, building your channel with everything it needs to succeed over time.

How To Create Your Own YouTube Channel

Choose the perfect niche. 

The first thing you need to do when creating a YouTube channel is to determine what exactly your channel will focus on. In a broad sense, this may be a certain broad category—you might post about lifestyle topics, vlogging, and giving advice based on your own experience, or you might dive into video games that you enjoy, whether that’s the ARMS characters you’re hoping to see in Smash Bros Ultimate or a review of the latest new release from your favorite franchise. From there, you can consider a more niche, or more specific subject. From your general lifestyle topic, you might decide that you specifically want to talk about mental health topics, or how you thrive despite mental illness. A gaming vlogger might decide to focus on a particular genre of game, or even a specific franchise or another subset.

Decide what to DIY and what to delegate. 

As you get started, you’ll likely decide to do a lot of this yourself, learning the basics to get yourself started, especially since you’re not exactly making money on your channel just yet. However, you’ll find that you can move your channel in the right direction far more quickly by delegating certain tasks to those who already understand them or getting some guidance before trying to DIY. For instance, a YouTube banner would be a cinch for an illustrator or graphic design professional. Consider using an online template or YouTube banner maker to get started on your channel’s design with minimal effort and minimal cost—the best of both worlds.

Set up your account. 

Once you have the basics lined up and some channel art created, you need to make your channel and set it up. Chances are you already have a Gmail or Google account for some service, which will automatically include YouTube. Alternatively, you can create a new Google account to start branding your image from your very first steps. In any case, create your channel with your chosen brand name and add your channel art and other details to start building your online presence.

Enhance and promote your new channel. 

Now that you have a YouTube channel, you need to build it up and get eyes on your content. Begin by optimizing your profile itself, making sure your channel description and other details are filled out and that your ideal viewer can not only find your channel but also understand what they’re looking at once they get there. Then, take to your social media platforms of choice and begin promoting your content. Whether you’re sharing the links to your new videos, connecting with fellow YouTubers, or making the most of a new hashtag strategy, social media is a great weapon for helping your YouTube channel and the videos on it reach a brand new audience.

From a banner image and logo to the content you’ll put up online, a lot goes into starting your very own YouTube channel. Nevertheless, that work is to be rewarded, whether you become the next social media sensation or you simply connect with a few engaged, grateful, viewers.