5 Ways to Celebrate Small Business Week

Every year during the first week of May, companies from all over celebrate something known as Small Business Week. It honors entrepreneurs who work hard to bring fresh ideas to their communities.

Many businesses run promotions around this time to thank customers for their support. You can run a contest to attract new people to your company or post something on social media.

You can take the time to support other businesses in your area or try out a shiny new tool.

Yes, there are a million ways that you can celebrate the week. Check out this guide to learn more about your options.

1.Head to Social Media 

One of the best times to show how far your company has come is during National Small Business Week 2022. You can head over to your social media page to share your story or make a video.

Doing so will help customers connect better to your company. You may even attract a few new faces.

2.Try Out Something New 

If you’re like most companies, you’ve got a lot going on during Small Business Week. Do yourself a favor and try out some new tools.

It will help take some of the stress off and keep your business organized, so you can focus on running your company. If you go here, you’ll see that there are small business automation tools for almost everything too.

3.Be Appreciative 

You didn’t get where you are today alone. Your employees have been with you every step of the way. Use this week to say thank you to them.

Throw a party for your workers or take everyone out for a group lunch. At least put a cake in the break room.

Your employees aren’t the only ones that you need to thank. Your loyal customers had a huge role to play in your success as well.

Run promotions and deals throughout the week. Provide them with a small gift with their purchases.

4.Support Other Companies

Companies are way more powerful when they work together. That being said, take some time to support small businesses in your area.

Consider teaming up with one to offer promotions. You can run a contest together or host an event.

5.Run a Contest 

Contests bring many people out to show small business support. Everyone loves free stuff.

You don’t have to do anything too special. A prize as simple as an Amazon gift card will get people talking.

The easiest way to get a contest going is by using social media. All it takes is one person to share your sweepstakes info for it to spread around.

Celebrating Small Business Week 

As you can see, there are a million ways to celebrate small business week. You can create a buzz by hosting a contest or by offering big promotions.

You can support another company in your area by working with them. Whatever you decide to do, take some time to thank your employees and customers.

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