5 Most Prevalent Online Business Ideas to Start In 2021

Prevalent Types of Online Businesses

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Thinking of starting an online business in 2021? Become a professional organizer, start a virtual dance studio from your home or sell greeting cards online.

5 Easy to Start Online Businesses with Great Potential

You must have heard or read it somewhere that 2021 is the best time to start an “online business” in particular. The pandemic has pushed everything online and so has created new opportunities for savvy entrepreneurs or anyone who wants to start a business online.

I can relate. Not only did I considered getting Spectrum offers for home entertainment during the lockdown, I also launched a virtual bakery. Have you made up your mind to start a business too and contemplating ideas? It doesn’t have to be something innovative. Even the simplest business ideas have good earning potential, given the right circumstances and proper planning.

Here, I have done the legwork on your behalf and listed down the online business ideas that are prevalent and promise good ROI. And no, the list doesn’t include starting a blog and other mainstream ideas. See for yourself:

1: Become a Professional Organizer

You know you’re an organizer when your friends and family compliment you for your organizational skills and you binged watched Tidying Up with Marie Kondo in a single day!

Fortunately, so many people out there want to declutter and embrace a minimalist lifestyle. Why not use your skill to the advantage and turn it into a business? Create a system for your clients to downsize and live a simpler life.

Before getting started, I will advise you to create a portfolio. Ask your friends or even siblings to let you organize their space. Take before and after pictures and add them to your portfolio. Create a social media page, post these pictures, launch a marketing plan and start attracting clients.

2: Create and Sell Greeting Cards Online

People greet each other on the phone these days. Some also like to go to hallmark and buy these cute and expressive cards but not everyone has got the time. They prefer gifs and personalized greeting messages that can be sent online.

If you know Photoshop or Canva, start creating custom card designs for birthdays, special events, anniversaries, corporate events, and more. You can sell these designs on Etsy or through your website. Trust me, this business has a lot of potential! All it demands is creativity and awesome graphic design skills.

3: Offer WordPress Support Services

So many websites on the World Wide Web are hosted on WordPress. These website owners need support time after time. If you know WordPress well, then this opportunity is for you. Start offering WordPress support services. Start offering WordPress website development services and support services.

Freelance platforms such as Upwork and PeoplePerHour are great places to start offering services and build clientele. Once you have ample experience, start pitching clients directly. Create your own website and social media pages and find clients.

4: Launch a Virtual Dance Studio

The best thing about going “virtual” is that you don’t need to rent a big space. Start offering dance classes from the comfort of your room. Plus, there is no limit to the number of students who can enroll. Everyone’s going to be taking the class from their homes.

You need a video conferencing app like Zoom, high-speed internet, a PC/laptop, and a webcam for good coverage. Classes can be arranged weekly or as per your schedule.

If you are a passionate choreographer, then I recommend starting your own YouTube channel as well. Soon, you will find opportunities to partner with dance schools and take the earning potential to the next level.

5: Offer Instagram Consultancy Services

Social media marketing is quite a competitive niche. If you would like to choose this niche for starting your online business, it makes sense to narrow it down. For instance, start offering Instagram consultancy services.

Clients are willing to pay someone who can manage their Instagram accounts, create engaging content, content, respond to comment, update bios, and more. You can either charge on an hourly basis or a per-project basis.

The best thing about becoming an Instagram consultant is that this business can be managed from your smartphone. It’s an ideal online business for digital nomads! Once you master consultancy, you can also expand your business and start offering Instagram ads. Visit, mykohlscard

Final Words:

These online business ideas have great potential. But one thing shouldn’t go without saying that initially, it’s hard for everyone. For instance, you may have trouble finding clients. The online world is quite competitive. You may have to leverage freelance websites such as Fiverr and UpWork to find clients. Keep trying to pitch clients directly as well.

Eventually, people will start noticing you for your professionalism and expertise and this could turn around your life!