5 Ways for an Ideal Sleep Environment

An ideal bedroom environment is essential to maintain our sleep quality. It should provide us with comfort and tranquility to put our minds in a peaceful state before sleeping. However, nowadays we see a bright and noisy bedroom, which is everything that goes against good sleep.

Besides, sleep quality is often connected to human health. So, a good environment will determine how you sleep and feel when you wake up; whether refreshed or even more tired. To make the most out of the eight hours of sleep, you should create the dreamiest sleep surroundings possible.

Some people think that you need to invest your money like spending a hundred bucks on a mattress to have a good sleep, but you don’t. Instead, you only need to focus more on a few important factors to optimize your sleep environment. So, here is everything you need to know.


Do you think that when you are sleeping, you do not pay attention to smell? Think again. Scents can increase alertness. Not only that, but it also helps to calm and soothe you. With the right scents, you will feel better to sleep, and it enhances your sleep quality.

Additionally, good air quality in the bedroom helps alleviate irritants that disrupt sleep. You can use an air purifier in the room which can give you easier breathing. In addition, it protects you from any heart-related illnesses by minimizing your exposure to airborne pollutants.

Besides that, you can try using relaxing scents that work for specific purposes. For instance, aromatherapy helps you unwind before going to sleep, and lavender provides strong calming properties and can lessen morning sleepiness.

Moreover, you can also improve the air quality of the bedroom by opening the window once a week or every morning. This may be the easiest way to remove any pollutants and irritants that surround your room.


There is no surprise that a quiet bedroom is the best environment for you to sleep in. Since the brain processes sound even when you are asleep, you must minimize any sound possible so that you can sleep peacefully without waking up in the middle of the night.

However, some research states that your hearing might become more sensitive when a bedroom is too quiet. This means you are more likely to wake up even with the slightest sound. So, the main thing to do is to reduce and block any sound that can disrupt your sleep.

One of the easiest ways is to use earplugs. It may sound simple, but good earplugs will block up to one-third of the environmental sound, but just enough to let you listen to important sounds, such as the baby crying or the smoke alarm. Besides that, you can also try to put on any ambient sounds and soothing music that may help drift you off to sleep.

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The body’s sleep-wake cycle is controlled by circadian rhythms, which are highly influenced by light. When your sight detects bright light in your surroundings, your body produces less “sleep hormone” melatonin, making you feel more awake instead of sleepy.

So, since darkness causes the brain to slow down, you should ensure that your bedroom has the most minimal lighting at night to make it easier to get sleepy. The best method you can try is to use a sleeping mask to block any unwanted light.

Besides that, you should consider installing a nightlight which will benefit you, especially when you need to get up in the middle of the night. With nightlight, you don’t have to use the bright room light, so you can still go back to sleep after.


For healthy adults, the body temperature will drop when they are asleep. This happens naturally in the early stage of the sleep cycle when the body temperature falls as bedtime approaches. Furthermore, a lower temperature will increase sleepiness, while a higher temperature helps you stay alert even during the day.

The ideal bedroom temperature for most people is between 15.6 to 22.0 degrees Celsius. However, if you still consider this cold, you can try adding more layers to your bedding. But if you are warm or the weather gets a bit hot, consider wearing lighter clothes to sleep in to stay cool throughout the night.


Finally, the mattress. Everyone has their preferences, whether memory foam, latex, or spring mattresses; each offers its comfort. However, the best mattress will most likely depend on personal factors such as body weight and whether you prefer a soft or firm surface.

Besides that, consider using a soft and silky bed sheet that can offer you many benefits. One of them is to avoid feeling hot so your body temperature will remain cool when sleeping. Besides that, another benefit is keeping your hair healthy by reducing frizz, making your hair break less, and reducing the tangles. Therefore, aside from not worrying about hair fall, you will also get the best sleep quality.