3 Healthy Tips to Fight Off Deadly Diseases

The natural human tendency is to ignore implicit signals. We do not notice things until they start hindering our life. Most people have a reactive approach rather than a proactive one. They wait till the last moment when the situation gets out of control, and then their response comes as a reaction to it. A vast majority of people around the globe precisely follow the same approach regarding their health. They ignore taking care of health because apparently everything seems fine. They avoid healthy lifestyles because till now their bodies are young and they don’t feel anything wrong.

The COVID-19 pandemic also reiterated the importance of strengthening our immune system than our closet. COVID proved deadly for the elderly because their immune system was already weak. The younger ones with a weak immune were no different at all. It follows the same scenario in other life-threatening diseases as well.

According to a survey by Very Well Health, fatal diseases like cancer, pneumonia, and diabetes caused 9.2% of deaths among young adults. It shows that even the youthful population needs to strengthen their immune systems.

Unfortunately, there are no shortcuts or magic pills to prevent deadly diseases and uplift your body’s immunity. However, minor changes in the routine lifestyle coupled with specific dietary care can strengthen the immune system.

Before discussing the healthy tips, it’s worth mentioning the need to prevent exposure to deadly chemicals and materials at workplaces.

Follow Proper Safety Protocols at Chemically Exposed Workplaces

Unfortunately, our dietary habits and lifestyles aren’t the only things to blame for contracting deadly diseases. According to Petro Cohen, nearly 10% of workers lose their lives due to occupational illnesses caused by chemical exposure. For instance, asbestos exposure is among the biggest concern of modern-day industrial and construction sites. Thousands of people die an agonizing death owing to mesothelioma each year in the United States.

It is a type of fatal cancer caused by asbestos exposure. Other than this, COPD, asbestosis, and lung cancer are also among the diseases caused by asbestos.

Employers should provide ample staff training about safety protocols around hazardous chemicals in the workplace. Training should contain awareness about its harmful impacts and correct recognition of chemicals to avoid accidents. Plus, workers should also habitually use Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) like safety glasses and gloves. The entire work premises should use specified storage and waste collection units for chemicals. All these measures will protect workers from chronic chemical exposure.

Now, let’s discuss some healthy tips to fight deadly diseases and boost immunity.

Live a Healthy Lifestyle

Unquestionably, taking care of our health should not be a luxury or something to do during leisure time. The entire lifestyle needs to revolve around a healthy environment. An hour of exercise and then the same junk food with friends will never generate the desired results for your health. Like every other priority, health should be a part of your routine. The entire day-to-day activities should be in line with a healthy lifestyle.

First of all, water may look very simple and negligible, but it is the way of life. Make a routine to drink as much water as you can. Experts recommend eight 8-ounce glasses per day to rid our bodies of toxins. They also propose it as an 8×8 rule so people can remember it. Additionally, the following can be a great move toward a healthy lifestyle:

  • Getting proper sleep at night. Experts suggest 6-8 hours of sleep
  • Making exercise a regular part of life
  • Adding fruits (dried fruits as well) and vegetables to your daily meal
  • Reducing the intake of processed food
  • Cutting down on junk food and high sugar content
  • Avoiding smoking and alcohol
  • Opting for low-fat and low-calorie food alternatives
  • Avoiding negativity and embracing optimism

Maintain Appropriate Hygiene

It has never been a better time in our era than the wake of the COVID pandemic to recognize the importance of hygiene. Undoubtedly, the very first line of defense against any pathogen is hygiene. With essential personal hygiene habits, you not only save yourself from harmful germs but stop their spread to others too. According to Citron Hygiene, touching different things and not washing hands timely is the reason for the transition of 80% of contagious diseases. Now, consider the extent to which something as simple as washing hands can prevent infections.

Hygiene has a lot to do with your skin. Nature has provided us with excellent defense in the shape of the skin. It is a perfect barrier to external pathogens. The only concern arises when there is a gap in this defense. That can happen in case of a cut, bruise, or injury. Therefore, treat cuts and wounds with proper care. You must wash and clean them with an antiseptic and bandage them till they heal.

Ensure Proper Vaccination

According to WHO, immunization prevents an estimated 4-5 million deaths per year. Vaccination and immunization are the epitomai of care that are better than cure. They prevent you from catching fatal diseases by strengthening your immune system in advance. They expose your immune system to an inactive strand of the virus or the bacteria so your immune can develop a defense against it. Once an actual pathogen enters your body, the immune system is already equipped to fight against it.

Everyone must ensure complete and timely administration of every recommended vaccine. Especially, children in their infancy should go through the proper course of vaccination. Moreover, adults usually need booster dozes as well. They should take their shots to continue the defense against deadly diseases. Plus, tourists often require particular vaccination before traveling. So, every tourist must respect these protocols and ensure timely vaccination before traveling.

Final Thoughts

People usually realize the importance of something when they have lost it. Just pray that you don’t learn this lesson about health through this path. Once lost to a fatal disease, your health will never be back to normal. It takes relentless efforts to regain it back to what it used to be. Therefore, it is always rational to prevent it from getting worse. The best way is certainly to strengthen the immune system. The tips mentioned above can form an excellent base for enhancing your health and immune system to fight deadly diseases. Rest, you should adjust according to your precise needs.