WPS Office for PC


The WPS Office is compatible with Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint). WPS Office comes with Writer, Presentation, and Spreadsheets that allow you to open edit and create nearly any form of the document. Its mainly used to edit the all type of documents and converted to Pdf format.


The file extension is used for documents relating to Kingsoft Author. This extension is also used for Works Word Processor in Windows. Similar to a Microsoft Word document (.DOC or. DOCX file), this format supports written text, images, and advanced page format. All office documents processing on-the-go on Windows XP could be easily accomplished. WPS Office suite helps you to build, view, edit, and exchange office documents.

Used by over 500 million users, WPS Office Free is among the most common Windows office suites worldwide. WPS for pc is completely compatible with Microsoft Office and comes with Writer, Presentation, and Spreadsheets allowing you to open edit and create almost any form of the document. Highlights include A full office suite including Editor, Spreadsheets and Presentation. You can download WPS office for PC Directly using below link.

   WPS Office Download for PC

WPS Office Cloud:

A professional cloud storage service for office data, with 1 G Free PC and iOS space. Service coming early for IOS. With only one click it will be able to share your documents via links. Can documents be accessed and edited anywhere and anywhere, in such away?


  • This is support multi-platforms, like windows, Linux, IOS.
  • Convert all documents to pdf format.
  • it is supported to PDF viewing, split, merge and editable documents.
  • Save office documents to the cloud automatically, keep all your records up-to-date via the cloud service.
  • Share files to others at any time through a connection and check permissions via links.
  • Clear user interface for fast recovery of historic backup a document.


The creative Paragraph Layout feature of WPS Office download is a drag-and-drop tool which helps you to naturally change each paragraph. You can change the location, spacing and indentation of a paragraph by simply moving your cursor.

File formats:

  • WPS Write formats(.doc, .docs, .rtf, .xml)
  • WPS Presentation(.dps, .dpt, .ppt, .pps)
  • WPS Spreadsheet(.et, .ett, .xls, .xlm)

The WPS Office compatable with Microsoft office. It used to edit the documents and converting the all document format to PDFS format.

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