Types of Digital Advertising Strategies and How to Leverage Them

Digital advertising is a popular method of website marketing because it provides the opportunity for immediate conversions. Search engine optimization is also a necessity, but it takes time to cultivate rankings and see traffic increases.

There are many types of digital advertising available and each one has its own pros and cons. It’s only through understanding and proper planning can you turn digital advertising into a money maker. Too many businesses don’t understand digital advertising and lose money with little traffic or conversion increase.

Let’s examine some of the most popular digital advertising methods and how they fit in with other programs such as content marketing.

Types of Digital Advertising: PPC Advertising

The most common type of digital advertising is Pay Per Click advertising. The biggest share comes from Google Ads, but Bing as well as several social networks also have PPC advertising.

Google has several options including search ads, video ads, shopping ads, and display ads. When you create an ad in Google ads and want it to go live, you set a budget and bid amount. When a searcher uses a query that is similar to the keywords you chose for the ads, you go into an auction.

The advertiser with the best bid and best ad often gets the top spots in search ads. You must be careful to craft good ads and choose proper keywords or else you may ever show up or you burn through your budget quickly. Learn more if you think SEO and PPC can help you.

Social Media Marketing

We live in a social world with platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter having billions of subscribers. They use the apps every day, but the developers made it difficult for businesses to share information with their followers.

They use algorithms that show business posts to only a small fraction of followers. If you want more people to see it, then you need to pay for it. Sponsored posts are a way to extend the viewership of your posts to followers and friends of followers.

The more money you place on a post, the more people see it. Social media also have PPC ad platforms that are different than Google Ads. They often allow for better audience targeting because they have access to all the information on the platform.

Digital Advertising Strategy

Digital advertising costs money and without a proper strategy, you won’t see much return. The goal of digital advertising is to entice people to click on the ads, visit your site or landing page, and then have them buy something.

The best strategy is to laser target your audience, so only people interested see your ad. If you don’t, then people not interested in the product may click on it. This costs you money and you get no return on investment.

Also, choose proper keywords and keep an eye on your campaigns. Be prepared to change bids and budgets to reflect success.

A Necessity for Digital Marketing

No matter what types of digital advertising you choose, they need to be part of your overall marketing strategy. Digital advertising can gain traffic and conversions while time passes for SEO marketing to begin working.

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