Top Best Websites Like Textsheet 2020

Textsheet Alternatives 2020 was a great source of answers to homework and assignments, hence was preferred by a lot of students. It was one of the recognized Study Website Portals and has the most appropriate answers for questions requested by the school and college students. It assisted students in their homework and assignments and gave answers for every single query asked by students.

However, due to a notice from Chegg, textsheet lost its presence leaving many students helpless.

This has made so many students start looking for textsheet alternatives and if you are struggling to find one, here we are to help you. Have a look at the top alternatives for textsheet and choose what suits you:

Here is the list of Textsheet Alternatives 2020

  • Chegg

The top alternative is Chegg which is the reason for the closedown for Chegg reported for copyright violation and that’s the reason it doesn’t exist today. Chegg holds a good amount of solutions to a number of assignments and if you don’t find your question solved there you can ask experts to get the answer.

The problem is Chegg answers are not free and it is not a cheap option either. Chegg offers a lot of things such as book rental, online courses, course study, etc. Get a monthly membership if you want answers for a single assignment or a single subject or want to use it only for a day or two. The membership starts from $14.95 per month or you can start with a trial version for 30 minutes for free. The monthly membership includes step-by-step textbook solutions, millions of homework answers, and asks questions from experts anytime.

  • Slader

Slader is used mainly by US high-school students as the pattern of the syllabus is US-based. It gives access to numerous solutions and Q&A covering all the major subjects. Also, the best part is it keeps on improving its content in terms of quality and expanding its pool of solutions.

It is one of the most commonly used text sheet alternatives as it has every element of the latter. An independent website, Slader is supported by so many students and tutors who even give their contribution to the website. Subjects like Maths, Science, Law, Finance, Arts, Biology and Physics, etc., are covered by the Slader website. The main highlight is it is free to use and has every solution for most of the subjects. If you want to use the website without ads, you can choose the paid version that offers you this facility.

  • Studylib

Studylib offers so many assignments in various types and homework to the students from different corners of the world, hence a great alternative for textsheet. If you want answers for your homework, Studylib has all the answers and it even offers a great technique to memorize things related to different subjects. If compared to Slader, it is somewhat less organized.

Without much difficulty, you can look for all the answers even for the difficult subjects. This way it becomes easy for the students to complete their class assignments or homework on the go. The website is user-friendly and once you sign up, you can even add papers, solutions, and other documents there. So what can be better than this free of cost website where you will find every subject covered just by signing up for the website.

  • CourseHero

An education-related website, CourseHero is known to be founded by Andrew Grauer in 2006. It is known to have 30 million course-specific study resources. The website allows contributions from students, tutors, and educators from all over the world. It is an electronic learning stage where you get bulk of information that includes practice issues, study guides, chronicles, class notes, and explanations for different subjects you know about.

The website can be accessed free of cost and you can even get your hands on a research paper. But it is free only if you upload your own documents and if you don’t have anything to submit, Course Hero’s costs $9.95 per month and $39.95 yearly. If you have a group, you can share your assignments with them as well. The main highlight is you get paid for uploading a piece of useful information or document. However, the only drawback is you will find too much information that some time is considered repetitive.

  • Paper Help

Another best alternative for text sheet answers, Paper Help is a great site if you want to check or create papers, assignments, or tasks. You will find a good number of research papers serving various purposes. So there is no need to depend on the already existing papers, you can even create one of your own.

Paper Help is a sort of professional paper writing and assignment service as you can create research papers that are used in Ph.D. and are available for higher amounts. Apart from this, you can order your research means to receive them at your doorstep and the delivery is efficient and you can get done with your research papers within minutes.

  • Crazy for Study

Last in the list is ‘crazy for study’ website that owns a huge number of study resources for geeks. You can get access to solutions manuals, textbook solutions explained step-by-step, and different academic disciplines all at the same place. The website has a good collection of content related to different subjects such as finance, marketing, science, and biology. If you have homework to complete or questions waiting for answers, ‘crazy for study’ has everything. If you don’t find what you are looking for, you can even post your queries.

So if you are getting confused as to what to choose from the above list, I would recommend Slader and Studylib are the best alternatives, however, Chegg is also known to have all the solutions you are looking for. Paper Help also comes handy when you are in a hurry to get the answers for your homework sheet or assignments that have to be submitted urgently. So it depends on your motive as to what purpose you want the website to fulfill and then you can choose accordingly.

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