We always encourage our friends to make a timely backup of all of their favourite photographs. We take a lot of photographs and films because we’re a travel blogger and photography pair. These photographic memories are invaluable to us and play an important role in our lives. As a result, we understand the significance of storage device backup and preservation.

However, you never know when a hard disc will fail or crash immediately after it is installed. As a result, we stay up with the newest recovery systems and equipment. When two memory cards containing all of the photos from our Darjeeling trip were corrupt, we wrote about how Stellar data recovery software saved the day.

We’ll go through the major features of Stellar Photo Recovery technology and how you can use it to recover or rebuild your lost or inadvertently deleted photos in this article. So let’s get started.

About Stellar Photo Recovery:

Stellar is a global leader in data care, founded in 1993 and based in India with operations in New Jersey, the United States, and Europe. Data recovery, data erasing, email transformation, and file repair software, as well as expert in-lab services, are among the company’s ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certifications. Stellar blends creativity and inventiveness to offer a range of future-ready solutions and functionalities that satisfy specific and wide data care demands of customers in both the business and personal segments and is known for its simplicity, innovation, and overall value.

Stellar Photo Recovery is a straightforward user interface that allows users to recover data in three easy steps. The user first chooses the disc, volume, or external storage devices from which they want to retrieve files, then click scan. The software then displays a preview of the destroyed files, from which the user may choose which ones they want to recover.

Stellar Photo Recovery is a do-it-yourself application for both beginner and professional photographers. It can assist users in swiftly and efficiently recovering photographs, movies, and audio recordings. When we realized how many ways Stellar Photo Recovery is superior to most other alternatives, we were ecstatic.

How to Download and install Stellar Photo Recovery:

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  1. The Stellar Photo Recovery – Specialized software may be purchased, downloaded, installed, and operated directly from the Stellar website.
  2. There are both Standard and Premium versions available. After you purchase the application, you will get a registration key through email.
  3. To activate the application, just click the activation button, copying and pasting the key, and press the ‘Activate’ button.
  4. All hard discs linked to your device will be shown after activation. You may choose which drive you want to recover photo, music, and video files from.
  5. Finally, choose ‘Scan,’ and the monitor will display the scanning status as well as the amount of time it will take to access the entire disc.
  6. The summary details of all directories identified will be presented after the scanning is done. You may simply pick and choose the files and folders you wish to restore.
  7. You may restrict the results of your search by selecting certain file types from the list. After you’ve chosen the files you want to recover, press the ‘Recover’ button.
  8. You will be prompted to choose the location where you wish your recovered data to be saved. The chosen files will be restored at the given place once you click ‘Start saving.’
  9. The best thing about Stellar Photo Recovery – Professional is that it is completely safe. When we download an application, we give the software total access to our system.

Key features of the Stellar Photo Recovery:

  • Recovery from all storage media:

We’ve had instances when our SD card was destroyed or corrupted, resulting in the loss of all pictures and media data. Now, Stellar offers a one-of-a-kind Photo Recovery – Professional program that may be a lifesaver in such situations. Our lost pictures and media data may be recovered from any sort of damaged or infected SD card, including mini, micro, SDHC, and SDXC.

  • Recovers deleted files:

Many times, we remove photographs and media items from our SD cards without duplicating them first. Stellar Photo Recovery – Professional application that can recover and repair lost photographs from all varieties of storage media.

  •  Supports all file formats:

We choose to shoot in RAW file format because we are photographers. While we’ve seen a recovery tool that can recover deleted photographs in JPEG formats, it’s the first time we’ve seen software that can also recover RAW file images.

  • Photos and videos from encrypted drives can be recovered:

Stellar Photo Recovery – Professional programme that can quickly recover deleted pictures, movies, and music data, even on BitLocker protected discs or partitions.

  • Deep scan is performed out:

The Stellar Photo Recovery – Professional application can do a comprehensive search of the disc to recover all of the photographs that have been lost or destroyed. It can even retrieve pictures from discs with damaged sectors.

  • Extracts thumbnails from pictures that have been corrupted.

The professional programme enables thumbnail restoration for photo file types with Stellar Photo Recovery. It restores both the actual image and the thumbnail associated with it.

  • Checks the storage device health:

The Stellar Photo Recovery – Professional software displays SMART information about storage systems, including the device’s health and temps. If the device is about to fail, this allows for timely backups.

  • Easy-to-use:

The Stellar Photo Recovery – Professional software has a user-friendly, self-explanatory graphical interface. We didn’t require any assistance the first time we were using it in terms of understanding the steps to take. It’s really simple.

What Should You Do If Your Pictures or Videos Suddenly Disappear From Your Sd Card?

Photos and movies might vanish from memory cards for a variety of reasons. However, at least some of them are usually recoverable. I’ve written a more in-depth piece about recovering lost photographs from a memory card, but here’s the short version:

  • Don’t use the memory card anymore. This is essential since overwriting data makes it more difficult to retrieve lost files.
  • Use the free trial editions of Stellar Photo Recovery or Disk Drill to scan the memory card. There are windows and Mac versions of each. If any data can be discovered and restored, the scanning will show you.
  • Get the files back. If the applications are able to locate the files, you may decide whether to purchase a complete licence to perform the real recovery.

Effective Ways to Prevent Precious Picture Loss:

To prevent photo loss more than possible, you must follow the steps below.

  • Back up important photographs to local storage and upgrade the backup every time you want to make changes to your photos.
  • In the meanwhile, use the internet and an online picture album service to back up your digital images.
  • Prepare now with strong photo recovery software so that you can begin rescuing photographs as soon as possible if and when photo loss occurs.


Whether a partitioning or a sector on a hard disk drive has been corrupted, Photo recovery software should be able to detect and repair the problem. Deeper scans may also reveal inadvertently deleted data that would otherwise go undetected by a conventional check. If you have any questions comment below section.