PDF Converter – PDF to Word | An App That Lets You Do PDF Conversions into Different Formats

PDF format is usually preferred by professionals, students, and business owners due to the exclusive benefits it provides to the users. Typically, people create files in Word or other formats and then convert them into PDF. The reason is that they are easy to share, and while getting printouts, PDF files maintain their quality and alignment. Besides that, no one can easily edit PDF files. That’s how you can secure your files.

However, the problem with PDF files is that they don’t let users do some editing until they have Adobe Acrobat Pro. Editing your PDF files becomes more difficult when you want to do it on mobile phones or tablets. But don’t worry. There is a solid solution that can make your work easier than you think. Use the “PDF Converter – PDF to Word” application.

Here is a detailed review of this PDF Converter that will help you learn more about this time-saving application.

PDF Converter- PDF to Word

Don’t get confused with the name of this application. Usually, people think that it is an ordinary converter. It is not only a PDF to Word converter that converts your PDF files to Word or other formats to make them editable, it is a tool that can do almost every task that you may need while working on PDF files. This PDF to Word converter has some exclusive features as well that make it a better choice than many of its competitors.

Let’s see what this application offers to its users.

1.    PDF to Word Conversion

Usually, people use these kinds of applications for one purpose, converting PDF to Word to make some editing in the PDF documents. This application is among the best PDF file converters in the Play Store as it instantly converts the files without even disturbing their arrangement and structure.

This PDF to Word converter is highly user-friendly. Even a kid or any individual with zero knowledge of operating mobile applications can convert the PDF files without any difficulties. They just need to follow the easy process already mentioned in the app. Once the PDF file is converted to Word, they can download it with just one tap.

So, if you don’t have Adobe Acrobat Pro, you don’t need to get its subscription. This PDF to word converter application can make your editing work manageable. After converting your PDF file to Word, you can easily edit the portions that need editing and make your files error-free. When you are done editing, you can also convert the file back to PDF format.

2.    Compress PDF Files

Compressing PDF files isn’t always essential for users, especially when they don’t need to share those files with anyone. However, those who need to share PDF files regularly have to compress them as many online platforms don’t allow users to share files over a specific limit. That’s why they need to compress the files before sending them to others.

There are multiple ways of compressing PDF files with the help of paid tools, zipping them, and using compressing tools. When you can compress files free of cost, you don’t need to pay a single penny for the same process. Moreover, you don’t know whether the receiver has unzipping software or not; that’s why the zipping option is also out of the question. So, the only viable option left is using a word to PDF compressor.

This application offers PDF compression without disturbing its quality. Besides that, it can also compress the files in no time. After compressing the files, you can send them to others via email or any other file-sharing platform you use.

3.    Convert PDF files to Images

When you upload your files to the internet, there is always a risk that people can copy your work and share them as their own. That’s where converting PDF files to JPG can help you a lot. The copiers need to do a lot of work to copy your data as they have to write everything manually. That discourages them from copying your content, and they try to find some other sources from where they can easily copy and paste the written material.

This tool not only converts files to Word format, but it can also convert your files to images. So, if you want your files to be in JPG or JPEG format, this application can assist you in it. In addition, the converting options enable you to protect the data of your PDF files from being copied by others.

4.    Merge PDF Files

Merging PDF files is also a tricky task, and it becomes more challenging when the users try to do it manually. This application has solved this issue as anyone can merge multiple PDF files using it. Now the users don’t need to create a new file and paste the data of every file to it. They only need to download this application and merge all the files they want.  The whole process takes only a few seconds.


The PlayStore is full of applications that convert PDF to word or to other formats, compress those files and enable people to share them. But only a few applications provide a one-stop solution to users, and the “PDF Converter – PDF to Word” application is one of them.