Kids Life Jackets: How To Pick An Ideal Life Vest For Your Little One? 

Once the summers are around, your kids naturally would prefer a day by the lake or ocean. Training kids to swim at an early age is a brilliant idea, but not at the cost of their safety. Open waters like lakes or oceans have a different flow of current, unlike pools.

However, these reasons shouldn’t stop them from having fun with their peers. Kids Life Jackets can help you guard your little one’s life, whether on a boat or a raft or even when they are around the water bodies.

According to a study by WHO, the highest drowning percentages are among kids aged between 1–4 years, which is followed by kids aged 5–9 years. So why unnecessarily put their lives in jeopardy?

Read along to know more about these life-saving devices and how to shop the best ones for your precious.

Things to Consider Before Buying Kids Life Jacket

Since safety is the priority for your kid’s life, you may need to analyse a few features before choosing a life jacket for them. So what are they?

Proper Size

Improper sizing and fit of the life jackets can turn out to be unsafe for your kid’s life. Sizing for children and teens depends on their weight and size. Hence, it is essential to make them part of the purchase too.

Additionally, most people make a common mistake of buying a size higher than the kid’s current weight. It is always advisable to buy a life jacket appropriate for their weight but not too tight. If the life jacket is too big, then there are more chances of drowning and mishaps.

Know the Type

Type II and Type III life jackets and vests are generally meant for kids’ swimming and other water sports.

  • Type II: Specifically designed for calm inland waters, these are usually for beginners. They are accompanied by small neck collars, which will keep your kid’s face out of water. Also, it is less bulky than other vests.
  • Type III: These flotation aids are suitable for water activities and allow movement in the water. So, if your kid is comfortable with swimming, then a Type III would be ideal for them.

Life Jacket Design

Kids life jackets come in varied designs and build, and it is crucial to understand these before buying one.

  • Buoyant Design: These are made of neoprene or foam that helps the swimmer to keep afloat. They are ordinarily very durable and hence require low maintenance.
  • Inflatable Vests: These life jackets need to be self-inflated and hence not approved for kids below 16 years. These life jackets require extra maintenance and supervision from adults.

Right Features

Here are a few features that you should be on a lookout for whilst shopping for a life jacket for your little one:

  • Collar handles to support their head
  • Carefully secured straps on both the sides
  • Looped collar grab strap
  • Rustproof buckles and zippers
  • Safety strap between their legs
  • Water-resistant foam material
  • Reflective tapes for increased visibility

Final Thoughts

Kids life jackets are a necessary pick for your children’s safety in any given water situation. It goes without saying that your little one should learn swimming as an added advantage.

Meanwhile, secure their lives and let them savour the open waters under your supervision and the protection of a life jacket.

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