Project QT is the latest game from Nutaku, a leading studio for Android and other platforms for adult-oriented games. This current title contains stylized RPG battle, lots of different characters to unlock and customize, and the adult-friendly material of the Nutaku brand, of course. The key premise is pretty insane and the gameplay is addictive. It’s Project QT here.

As a Project Qt Mod Apk leader, recruiting an army of girls who are willing to do anything for you is your task. Everyone has their own capabilities and disadvantages, and the perfect composition will be made up of plenty of pretty ladies. Many different mechanics, along with old-school turn-based RPG combat and puzzle levels, make up the game. Your girls will note tremendous improvements when you step them up. So get to it, and today you can download Project QT apk mod.

A Guide to Project QT :

Project QT was published in 2019 and there have been a number of changes to the game since its launch date, including gameplay problems with the numerous strong girls. There are quite a few different difficult mechanics in Project QT Nutaku, that really isn’t all about the girls, and a brief guide can give you a headstart into the world of fighting, puzzles and girls.

Project QT info:

App Name Project QT
Publisher Nutaku
Genre Simulation
File Size 60M
Latest Version 8.0
MOD Info One Hit/Unlocked Character
Update September 21, 2020 (2 days ago)


This game has very basic gameplay, but to learn it requires a lot of time. The player became a teacher and had the job of gathering several strong Monster Girls. Project Qt Hentai Players could only use up to 8 different people during a battle, and they can be selected into the squad before each battle.

The fighting is turn-based, so players can create a range of strategies depending on the girls who accompany the player. Each turn, the player must use up all activities of all the girls, including normal attack, special attack, or defending. There is a different use for each action, and they’ll be based on every character’s features.


The player’s journey toward World Chaos takes place in different parts. Each part will constitute countless challenges for players and unlock new parts. The player must complete those conditions. The reward for having conquered the challenges will be rare equipment that can help the players girls become powerful. Or some special items that enable players to perform certain actions and bring greater rewards.

Monster Girls are divided into various races, each with a unique characteristic that includes personality, weakness, strengths, and abilities. Each girl’s rank is measured to be between 1 * – 5 *, the higher the rank, the greater the strength, and the appearance becoming more beautiful. However, she must follow the player in several fights in order to be promoted and have to fulfill some requirements to rank up.

Steps for Installation:

  • If you have already downloaded it from the Play Store, delete the old version.
  • Downloading PROJECT QT APK or MOD files depends on your intent.
  • Install MOD APK file
  • Copy the OBB file to the desired computer.
  • Play and Love

Facing Different Missions:

It’s really important to optimize your star rating as you advance through Project QT’s Gallery storyline. The further stars you unlock, the more you will be able to purchase bonus updates and critical items. These can be the all-important seduction pieces, as well as more coins and unlocks to accelerate the success of the ladies. For each stage, there are different criteria, so be sure to ensure if all the targets are achieved!

Fast Level Up:


Leveling up easily focuses on finishing the phases of the tale and making sure that the regular quests are covered every day. You’ll earn 850 experience points if you complete your regular tasks. This is a big boost to your leveling pace! Then the fundamentals of planting, sweeping speeds, and maximizing your girl’s loadout will need to be protected. New players have access to projects for beginners that deliver a week of exclusive assignments, which is the best way to get to level 30.

Play with friends:

Project QT is an online fantasy action game that allows you to play alongside friends, family, or all other players worldwide. And PvP mode allows players to challenge their mates. You can adventure easily and make friends with many other players across the globe with this feature. Share how to enhance stronger warriors with others, how to win things, defeat dungeons.

Preserve The Gems!:

Gems are incredibly necessary, and this is going to cost you money like every other Android game on the market. If you can save your gems in the early stages, you can have enough to buy some seriously decent upgrades by the time you’re level 30. It’s crucial to pick which girls you’re going to use early on so you can concentrate on their standards.


Everybody will always encourage the user to update the new edition of Project QT Mod Apk to ensure the consistency and environment of the app/game. You should use the Google Play Store to download it directly. But only the original edition will be given to you. No need to think about the updated edition and those who have trouble accessing the Google Play Store or are unable to update the software for any other reason. To fix all the problems, we are here. Many websites claim to have the latest updates to the Project QT Mod Apk, and yet none of them really support their case.