HDsector Proxy/Mirror Sites 2020 | Mirror Sites to Download Movie

HDsector: Whenever we think about entertainment, torrent sites are the first to come to mind as they can provide a daily dose of entertainment. There are different options available where you are required to pay some amount to download movies, shows, and the latest episodes. But who would like to pay charges when there are free services available that lets you download movies, shows, and web series for free.

So if you are looking for one such option, hdsector can be a good choice and you will know more about it in this guide.

Hdsector Proxy/Mirror Sites 2020

HDSector is a torrent website where users can easily download torrents. Not only download, but they can also upload torrents as well. This torrent is really popular because of the variety of movies, T.V Channels, music, shows, and applications it has. HD sector is a great torrent spot and has awesome torrents for movies, music, and shows. Also, the website has a clean interface that makes it quite easy to use and if you will visit the site, you can easily discover the torrents that you are looking for. If we talk about uploading and downloading torrents, the website offers magnetic links.

However, such websites are considered illegal and are also banned in some countries such as the United Kingdom, India, Australia and several other nations. So if you were looking for the HDSector website and didn’t find it working, no need to feel sad. Here you will get information about how to unblock the website with the help of the HDSector proxy list.

List of HDSector proxy sites

The HDSector Proxy websites mentioned here are a copy of the original one. However, they have identical designs, torrents, and updates as available on the original website but the only difference is they are hosted on a different domain name. These proxy websites are hosted in those states where HDSector is still not banned. So for any reason, if you aren’t able to visit HDSector, you can use the following websites to get torrents:

  1. Unblock to
  2. unblockproject.pw
  3. proxybit.fun
  4. Proxy of hdsector.to
  5. HDSector web proxy
  6. HDSector USA proxy
  7. Bypass HDSector proxy

Ways to Unblock HDSector Proxy

Here are the two popular ways to unblock HDSector proxy in your country:

1. TOR Browser

It is one of the efficient browsers to use for the restricted websites and unblock such torrents. The TOR browser has some great technical specifications that let you unblock illegal websites like HDSector. You can use this browser both on desktop and Android to unblock proxy sites. If you are using it for desktop, it is recommended to use it in an incognito version.

TOR Browser

2. Using VPN

Using VPN is another easiest option to unblock hdsector but still, it is not preferred over the TOR browser. Proxy sites are never considered safe and they don’t offer any security to your device. So make sure you use it at your own risk. Also, they will slow down your network speed. It is not recommended to use it on your Mac device. To stay safe, it would be a better idea to use a VPN on your smartphone rather than on your desktop. VPNs can also lead to several issues, hence is not a preferable option for this purpose.

Alternatives for HDSector

As you know HDSector is not reachable in many countries and has been banned, so if HDSector is banned in your country and you are looking for the available alternatives, have a look at the options given below:

Alternatives for HDSector
  • 123Movies

This website is quite similar to HDSector if we talk about the interface and the process to download and upload torrents. However, in terms of entertainment, 123Movies is a great option and it has so much to keep you entertained. From movies to shows, this website has a lot of great content and it is the top choice of most the users. The best part of this website, it frequently updates its content and keeps on uploading different types of movies every day for its visitors.

However, you may face some glitches while uploading your content on the website and even some of the users have complained about connection issues.


MOVIE4U is another great alternative for HDSector and the similarity between these two is that both these websites are blocked in certain countries. However, if you are encountering some issues with HDsector during the uploading and downloading content, you can switch to this website for a better experience. If you still want to use hdsector.to you can use a bypass proxy site.

  • The Kick-Ass Torrent

Every year there is one torrent website that stands apart from others in some way. So if we talk about 2020, the Kick-Ass Torrent is the name that is the most famous website for this purpose. This website is currently known to have more than 10 million torrents. However, due to the instances of leaking of personal data and domain theft, the developers of this torrent site have changed multiple domains.

The main highlight is you will get a new dose of entertainment every day along with the API details of this torrent site.


It is one of the best torrent websites, however, RARBG is the latest entry in the list. This website is mainly popular in Asian and Gulf countries. If you were looking for a simplified option to download and upload any content, RARBG is for you. The website has the capability to keep you thoroughly entertained by the content available on the website such as shows, movies, web series, prime shows, and Netflix videos. Not only this, but you can keep yourself entertained for free as the content available on the website can be download without paying any charges.

The proxy sites available for HDSector are operational in many countries, however, they are also blocked in several countries. The torrents and reports on HDSector are inspected by the moderators of the website. The proxy sites are also operated illegally in some countries and if you aren’t able to find HDSector, better look for the proxy or mirror sites to get your daily dose of entertainment.