A Geek’s Guide For Getting Along With An Online Lottery

If you’re still playing the lottery the old-fashioned way, you’re missing out on a lot! The best online lotteries have made tremendous progress since their fairly recent introduction in the industry. They’re easier, more convenient, and give you more chances at winning.

Additionally, if you lean towards the geekier side, your analytical mindset can help you gain an edge over your casual competition. Read on for a handy guide on how to game the system and beat the odds!

Buying more tickets

Let’s be honest, the lottery as a concept is a game of probability. If you, say, wanted to roll a six on a die, rolling it more times would increase your chances of getting a six, right? Stripping away all the glitter from the modern lottery, that is essentially what you’re in for.

Buying many tickets means that you intrinsically increase the base probability of you winning the lottery. It’s probably the most foolproof and intuitive way to increase your chances. But let’s move on to something more nuanced.

Know your odds

As we mentioned before, the lottery is a game of probability. But it’s smart to know exactly what those odds are. The online medium reigns supreme over the offline counterpart here. Most (if not all) lottos will have some indicator of their odds on the internet.

Before throwing your hard-earned money on a bunch of online lotto tickets, put some basic research into what websites you’re planning to play on.

Play smart

Online lotteries have revolutionized the number of options available to you as a player. While you’d only be restricted to certain games based on your region, the internet has globalized the lottery space.

With your ample options, try choosing the game with the fewest available players to skyrocket your odds in favor of other casual players.

Milking the cow

With multiple lotteries competing online for the massive consumer base, online lotteries have stepped up their promos and bonuses to lure players into their services. Utilizing these bonuses effectively and smartly can be a tremendous advantage for you!

Multi-draw discounts are the most common. Players get rising discounts the more draws they choose to engage in. Be on the lookout for unconventional and unique offers, too, though – and snag them if you get the chance!

Get your squad together

While this tip might come off as a no-brainer to some, it’s baffling how many players don’t take advantage of lottery pools. The concept is simple – for example, say five people contribute a hundred dollars each. If the pool ends up winning, you just split the prize money five ways.

While your payout might suffer a bit, we highly recommend this tip! You astronomically increase your chances at winning with remarkably lesser investment as well.

The second dream

Someone doesn’t always win when lotto numbers are rolled out. Many people don’t bother picking up their winnings, while it’s even possible that there were no winners at all! All of this extra cash is just sitting there, waiting to be won. This is where the second chance drawing would be held.

Check the rules for the game. You’ll either be automatically put into the second draw, or you’ll have to confirm your participation online. The hope’s still alive – another dice roll!

Let the technology do the work

If you’re playing a numbers based lottery where you get to choose, letting a randomizer choose your numbers for you might be the better choice. Human beings are biased and use arbitrary criteria to choose their numbers like wedding anniversaries, birthdays, etc.

True randomness dramatically increases your odds of winning. How much, you ask? Research shows that 70% of jackpot winners let the computers do their work for them. It works!

Don’t get scammed!

The internet is a scummy place sometimes – and a lot of scummy people would love to charge you money for a non-existent prize. Always verify the legitimacy of the websites you choose to play on.

A couple of searches online should find you plenty of user reviews, experiences, and a lot more to make sure you’re not being scammed.

Bonus Tip: Never enter your bank details on any website without an “HTTPS:” in the address bar. The server isn’t secure!


As we noted earlier – it’s all a game of chance. There’s no surefire or guaranteed way to know that you’re going to win the lottery. Anyone who begs to differ is likely trying to scam you! That said, though, these tips improve your odds a substantial amount for sure.

Buy more tickets, play smart, and use all resources available to you. And the most important tip of all – remember to have fun in the process! We can’t say you’ll be the next millionaire, but you’re going to be closer to the lotto.