Difference Between Private Jet Charters And First Class

As a matter of convenience and prestige, there are many upwardly mobile people who prefer to travel in style. It’s quite common to see these people opting for either hiring a private jet charter or purchasing first-class plane tickets. Given these are two different air travel options, let’s take a look at the differences between the two.

About Private Jet Charter Travel

In the world of air travel, private jet charter travel is often the option of choice for people who enjoy convenience and luxury. For instance, if you opt for a Vegas or Van Nuys private jet charter, you will be able to experience the following benefits:

  • The customer has control over the travel destination
  • The customer has control over departure times coming and going
  • The customer gets access to extraordinary amenities like onboard access to electronic entertainment, bedroom facilities, easy internet connections, catered meals, and personal service
  • The customer can avoid layovers
  • Private jets are great meeting places for business people who want to make every moment count
  • Customers have more freedom in terms of transporting goods and luggage
  • Spacious cabins allow travelers to move about more freely

About First-Class Commercial Air Travel

First-class air travel might not offer the luxury and convenience of private jet travel, but the benefits still offer value. That matters because first-class tickets on some commercial airlines can run as much as five (5) to ten (10) times more than the cost of an economy ticket on the same flight.

Minus the convenience, first-class air travel offers the following benefits:

  • Priority seating at boarding time
  • Seating in luxury seats in the front of the plane
  • More seating and legroom
  • Access to free drinks (including alcohol) and specially prepared meals
  • Sleeper seats are available on some planes (great for overseas travel)
  • Stewards or stewardesses standing by for immediate assistance
  • Free onboard entertainment and internet

The Most Notable Differences Between These Two Options

The most notable differences between these two forms of air travel are generally related to the things that commercial airlines can’t offer. Here are some of those differences.

Control of Travel Times

As discussed above, private jet charters will cater to the time requirements of their customers. It’s the customers who get to decide when the air travel will begin and what the final destination or destinations might be. They can also dictate how long they want to layover on stops.

First-class travel requires the traveler to abide by the schedule set forth by the airline. That includes having to be at the airport 45 minutes before departure and sitting through layovers as scheduled.

 Access to Airports

While private jets can fly into airports big or small all over the world, commercial airlines will typically have to travel through major cities that have large airports. That’s a potential problem for a business traveler whose final destination is a smaller city that is located far away from a major airport.

Travel Distances

Here is one difference that favors commercial airlines. Commercial planes hold more fuel and can cover more distance without having to layover for fueling. Private jets have distance limitations that could create the need for an extra stop or two before the plane reaches its final destination.

Travel Cost

Yes, first-class seating is many times more expensive than the economy or business-class travel. However, private jet travel could be as much as two (2) to three (3) times more expensive than first-class commercial travel.

Both options offer great accommodations and amenities. However, private jet charters quite often offer the best accommodation and amenities money can buy. Private jet travelers can bring more luggage without incurring extra costs and get more space for sitting, sleeping, and interacting with other passengers. Also, most private jet charter companies will do all they can to cater to the exact wants and desires of their clientele.