4 Awesome Home Improvement Ideas With a High ROI

Did you know the home improvement industry generates over $350 billion in revenue? That’s because many homeowners make various improvements to their homes. For some, they make these improvements to make their home more modern. Others perform these upgrades because they’re ready to sell.

Home improvements not only make your home nicer, but they can seriously boost the value of your home. But you should know the remodeling and renovation ideas that can seriously make you a big buck on your home sale.

Are you looking for some high ROI home improvement? Here are 4 home improvement ideas that generate the most ROI. This guide will help you be smart about your home renovations.

4 Awesome Home Improvement Ideas With a High ROI

1. Landscaping

First, let’s focus on the improvements you can make outside of the home. Curb appeal is one of the most vital aspects of your home’s worth since your yard is the first thing that buyers see. That’s why you should start with landscaping. The right landscaping will make your home look fresh.

The best part? There’s no need to go overboard. A simple landscaping design and maybe a few plants are one of the best high return home improvement ideas. If you follow a simple landscaping design, you may be only spending a little bit of money (though a few thousand for a professional), but you have a better chance at selling your home.

2. Bathroom Remodel

When we say a bathroom remodel, we’re not telling you to transform your bathroom into a spa-like paradise. All you need to do is give your bathroom an updated look. Paint the walls, replace the fixtures, buy new countertops, and improve the lighting. While even minor bathroom remodels may set you back $10k, you’re guaranteed to make more of that money back.

3. Attic Conversion

Still not sure how to increase property value? Let’s take a look at your attic.

Do you only use your attic as a storage space? Convert your attic into another room. The best conversion is a bedroom. However, any extra room will suffice. Some examples include an office, an extra bathroom (if it will work), a playroom for kids, an extra closet, a library, and an extra living room.

Some conversions are cheaper than others. For example, to transform your attic into an office, all you may need to do is add a desk and some shelves and improve the lighting. But if you’re converting your loft into a bathroom, you may set yourself back tens of thousands of dollars. Either way, an attic conversion creates an extra room that homebuyers could use.

4. Solar Panels

Sure, installing solar panels may cost you a bit of money. However, the energy savings are massive. With more people becoming environmentally conscious and aware of the energy savings that solar energy brings, buyers may appreciate seeing the solar panels on your home.

The best solar panel companies, such as www.blueravensolar.com/blog/residential-solar-installation-cost/, can look at how you’re currently using energy to get you an accurate solar panel quote. This way, you can save money on solar panel installation.

Use These Home Improvement Ideas With a High ROI

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