Sun. Jan 23rd, 2022
3 Tips to Maintain a Healthy Sleep Schedule 

In the hustle and bustle of today’s world, very little importance is given to sleep. In fact, if a person sleeps too much, they are considered to be unproductive or lazy. 

Recent studies have shown that getting enough sleep is essential to maintaining good health. And the use of good quality mattresses, such as SleepMaker mattresses, can significantly contribute to providing sound sleep. 

So, here are some of the tips you can follow to maintain a healthy sleep schedule:

  • Create a Sleep Time Table 

Experts say that an adult requires at least seven to eight hours of sleep every day. While getting seven to eight hours of sleep daily can be difficult, you can also aim to get at least six hours of sleep.

Creating a sleep timetable helps you plan your day in such a way that you receive the minimum requirement of sleep hours. And, another important aspect is being able to follow this timetable. Nevertheless, getting some rest enhances your productivity and gives you more energy.

Don’t let anyone else make this timetable for you as no one knows you better than yourself. Based on the time you require to fall asleep, and the time you take to complete your daily activities, you can create a sleep timetable best suited for your needs.

  • Create a Comfortable Environment

Anxiety is one of the major reasons why people find it difficult to fall asleep. Many people who are stressed often overthink during the night, making it difficult for them to fall asleep. And based on your personal preferences, you can add certain elements such as candles, diffusers or soothing music that provide a relaxing environment. As such, the relaxing and calm environment that you create could help relieve any form of stress or anxiety and let you relax and fall asleep.

Your mattress and pillows also contribute significantly to providing you with a good sleeping experience. Hence, it is essential that you buy only the mattresses of the best quality, such as the SleepMaker mattresses.

  • Avoid Using Your Phone 

Another primary reason why people struggle to fall asleep is that they cannot stop using their phones. It isn’t uncommon to see people scrolling mindlessly through social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook in today’s world. And this addiction to phones often keeps people up at night, disrupting their sleep schedule and leaving them extremely tired and drained the following day due to lack of sleep.

So, roughly about an hour before you go to sleep, keep your phone away to avoid any distractions and disruptions that may arise from its use. You can utilise the time before you sleep to read a book, do your skincare, meditate, or even do a light night workout. These activities can tire a person, preparing them for sleeping.

Meanwhile, even if you do all your professional work on your phone and are required to check it at all times, it is necessary to recognise the boundary between personal health and professional work. Nevertheless, a good sleep schedule is vital for good health and helps you perform better at your workplace. 

Maintaining a good sleep schedule can be difficult at first. But once you prioritise your health and hence your sleep, you will be able to witness its many benefits. As such, the tips mentioned above are just small ways that you can adopt to assist in helping you achieve the active rest you need. And you can start today with a small step towards building your sleep schedule and begin developing a healthy lifestyle. 

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